Is this Really What I Want?

Future-ish. Riley is a famous actress and singer. It used to be so fun. But is it all it's cracked out to be? She travels alone, and she feels lonely. Will she find someone?

Sorry it sounds stupid, but I'm working on it... And I kinda agree with some people against RP accounts. So I'm gonna write stories.


1. Chapter 1 'Riley' "Lonely"

"Riley!" My manager said. "You're on in five!" I sighed and got up, looking for my 'friend' Mikyla. But of course she was prancing her rich self around, trying to get free stuff. My managers assistant smiled at me and gave me my microphone. I weekly smiled back and got in my position. I climbed into a barley noticeable harness, and I floated down. "How are you guys tonight?!?!" I yelled. I got screams in reply. "Great!" I warmed up the crowd some more and then began to sing. At the end of my first song my dancers came out wearing glow suits. The lights went dark and we began to dance. I twisted my ankle, but kept dancing. If I had stopped my manager would have killed me. She likes a little something called money. Thank god the next song was slow and I sang it on a stool. I looked out into the crowd and looked at all the people. I spotted a girl with her friends and instantly got jealous. Yeah that's right. Worlds biggest star jealous of a random girl in the crowd. That girl had real friends. Not fake friends like Mikyla. Who's only friends with me for the fame and all that stuff. I finished the concert, walked back to my dressing room, flopped on my bed and fell asleep. Yup. That's how the days go by. 


Hey guys! I'm sure celebrities love their job, but I just felt like writing this. Thanks guys! Ariana♥  

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