The Secret.

Megan Ashdown is the girlfriend of Luke Brooks. But nobody knows not even Luke's brothers Jai and Beau. Megans best friend Alisha (who is with Jai) starts to get suspicious because they are always together. But will anyone find out or will they keep it as The Secret?


1. Nobody Knows and The Movie Day.

Megan's POV.

Hi i'm Megan Ashdown and i'm 18 years old. I'm with Luke Brooks. Yes. Luke Brooks from the Jenoskians! Ekkkk! I know we have been going out for 2 months but I still can't believe it. I have long straight blond hair and blazing blue eyes. I am small for my age but I think Luke is tall for his age. But DON'T tell anybody! Its a secret. Not even Jai,Luke's Twin, or Beau,Luke's older brother, or my older sister,Jenna, and my best friend ever, Ashley knows about this.



Anyway Luke is coming round today for a Movie Day because my Mum and Dad are in work and Jenna is out with Beau. Yes Luke's brother. There going out. There both 19 and today Beau told Luke a secret and Luke told me. Because they have been together for 5 years... Beau is.... proposingggg! *WERE GONNA SET THIS WORLD ON FIREEE* my phone blasts. I knew straight away it was my Lukeey! Its his ringtone. 'Hello' I say. 'Hey Baby' I hear Luke's thick Australian voice say. 'When you coming round Lukeey' I say to him. 'Well I'm outside and your not answering the door sweety'. 'Oh i'm sorry. I'm coming.' I put down my IPhone 5 and sprint down the stairs. I open the door and Luke is standing there with a bunch of yellow daisy's, a box of chocolates shaped like a heart and a bunch of movies. 'I thought we could have a scary movie marathon.' Luke says. 'Yes! I say. 'I bought Mama,all the Paranormal Activity's,The Purge, Evil Dead,Incidious and Texas Chainsaw.' Luke said while hugging me. 'Okay Baby.' We kissed.It was passionate. 'Anyhow. Lets get the films on.' I said. 'Cool. What do you wanna watch first?' 'mamaaa!' I say holding the a. 

*after the film*


'That was scary.' I say. 'I know.' Luke says.'I love you Megan.' 'I love you too Luke.'I say. We hug up and kiss. He takes my hand and says ' Megan will you be with me forever and ever.' I say 'I promise. And I keep my promises.' There was a knock on the front door. Who was it ???


Authors Note.

Hiya guys. Sorry it took ages. And please welcome my new co-author  Mrs 1-DFul. Love you my little.... Munchies. Thats my nickname for the fanss. Love you alll. Byee. xxxxxx


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