Case Closed: Rants

Too Much. One Direction. RP Accounts. Noticed It? Two Words. Big Difference. I didn't know what I wrote. So, I'll tell you something. If you can't handle The Truth, backspace NOW. The rest- Welcome.


6. This One Is Serious: Rape

What is with Fan Fiction writers and rape?

How can they even think that rape is love?

I come from a country where rape is an everyday affair (no infamy here)

The victims die.

Not because of the injuries.

Because of the mental torture.

Rape is not Romantic.

It never is.

Even if one is married, rape is still an offence.

People who think ‘Rape is cool’, I wonder how it would be like if you have to undergo it…

I can’t be nice on matters like this.

I simply cannot.

When someone is raped, I just don’t mean women or girls, I also include boys and grown up men who never tell anyone what happened, it is there with the person for the rest of his life.

It’s like they’re living but still dead inside.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a victim?

Can you see the pain inside?

It is not lust, like the fanfictions claim.

It is not desire.

People have the right to write what they want.

But doing so at the cost of the reality that surrounds us?

Do you honestly want that?

If you want to read such R-Rated books, read 50 Shades of Grey or whatever.

Not where the lead girl is raped and falls in love with 1/5th Direction.

It doesn’t even apply in Stockholm Syndrome.

I’m just really hurt that people can be so oblivious and immune to pain and understanding.

Think of humanity.


Don’t romanticize rape.


I don’t think this is a rant.


Peace. Out.

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