Case Closed: Rants

Too Much. One Direction. RP Accounts. Noticed It? Two Words. Big Difference. I didn't know what I wrote. So, I'll tell you something. If you can't handle The Truth, backspace NOW. The rest- Welcome.


3. Mumbles: Curly

Mumble One:

As you can see above the mumble clearly says- 'imagine me and you having a 69 and i go like this: '

Now, that is disgusting.

Kids will read that.

They'll ask what is 69.

Or perhaps...

They already know!

Thanks to the porn fiction contributed by 'amazayn' movellians

In one word it's..


And besides, Curly (thanks LittleMsHollywood for this incredible name) is not a pedophile. <going overboard here, but they crossed the line first>

He likes older women.

Or wasn't it obvious?


Mumble Two:

Why do I get this feeling that 'his lil sis' is the one who is the person behind this RP A/C?

Now the sisters will play with their "brothers"....

This is too much...


Curly's mumble sounds weird (not a big surprise) and.... girly?

Too young, perhaps?

Too young like 'my lil sis'?



And guess what the were the comments?


<sorry if you recognize the above as yourself, but only me, you and Curly know about your identity, so I guess... It's okay?>

Comment- 'that first pic killed me I'm gonna fan her ... If I see that pic again I might die...'


What is up with people???

It's not going to kill you!!

What is up today's kids?

And what is up with the writers who write porn fiction, knowing FULLY well that there are KIDS, who can accidentally/willingly stumble upon the porn fiction and well, read more of it?

What happened to the kids?

Where is Dora the Explorer?

Oswald? (I loved this one!)


Duel Masters?

Courage the Cowardly Dog? (I watched a lot of cartoons back in those days)

I didn't even know what a boyfriend was!

I thought it was someone you could beat up EVERYDAY. (and I did, hehe )

And these kids...

They know a lot.

Some even more than I do.


And I apologize if someone found it hurt or demeaning.


Not Really.


I should learn how to rant.


Peace Out.




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