Case Closed: Rants

Too Much. One Direction. RP Accounts. Noticed It? Two Words. Big Difference. I didn't know what I wrote. So, I'll tell you something. If you can't handle The Truth, backspace NOW. The rest- Welcome.


4. Grammar and Content

How many of you have read something like-

“He ws lyk soooooo COOOOLLL!!!!!11 I wz surd tat he wd b d 1 fo me. Hz crly haisr ws soooooooooooooo beutfl.. I fl in <3 fst 4 hm. I wnt hm to hld me n ks me. DT WD B A DRMS.. 2 hv s** wd hm n hv hs (ugly) bbys.” ?

[Translation: He was like so cool. I was sure that he would be the one for me. His curly hair was so beautiful. I fell in love fast for him. I want him to hold me and kiss me (I feel weird writing the translation now -_- ) That would be a dream to have s** with him and have his babies. ]

Does the above line make you feel like your English teacher? I know I do.

I mean, just look at it!

Who wrote that?

A five year old kid, perhaps?


Yeah, maybe.

Definitely a five year old kid.

The problem isn’t the five year old kid or his/her grammar.

It’z d CNTNT, dahling.

TRANSLATION: It’s the content.

What would a five year old kid know about these stuff?


They have been exposed to it.

And by whom, you may ask?

Some of our very own movellians!

To name a few…


****** ****

***** ****

Come on, we all know who I am talking about…

Or not talking about.

And what happens we report their ‘Fantastic Piece of Literature’?

I don’t even need to say this.

We all know


For some of us who don’t,

You get an email from the Staff which gives a reason as to why they couldn’t block it.

And sometimes the Gods of Movellas are on your side! :D

The ‘Literature’ gets removed or blocked

But then The Great Literary person puts it back again.

So, in reality…

Nothing Happens.


Message: In reality, the Movellas Staff are working really hard (that’s what I think) and I heard that they are short handed, so I can’t really blame that ‘such’ movellas continue to pollute the website. And many of the movellians don’t report ‘those’ movellas, and the Movellas Staff cannot read each and every movella published on this website, it’s no wonder that ‘some’ movellas just get away with it.   


One day I will learn how to rant


Peace Out

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