Case Closed: Rants

Too Much. One Direction. RP Accounts. Noticed It? Two Words. Big Difference. I didn't know what I wrote. So, I'll tell you something. If you can't handle The Truth, backspace NOW. The rest- Welcome.


5. Category One: The Liars and The Deleted Work

"I promise I won't tell anyone! Trust me!"

"C'mon! You know you can count on me!"

Familiar to those words above? 

Of course, you are. 

It is impossible if it didn't happen to you.  

And the event that follows is that the very speaker of the above said words go like:-

"Gee, I'm sorry. It just slipped out!"

"I didn't tell anyone! He/She found out!" 

(Even when the person you told your secret was the only one who knew)

To be frank, I despise people as such. 

White lies are fine to an extent

But then if you go on publicizing what I had told you to keep it to yourself, I get annoyed.

If I needed that publicity, I would have screamed and told them myself. 

I don't need a middle-man. 

Which introduces us to the first category of people (of the 5 part category, which I’m going to rant about) - The Liars (not to be mistaken with Pretty Little Liars)

Now if you are a compulsive liar, then I like you. 

You can tell me honestly if I look horrible in a green dress or fat in a striped one. 

I don't mind.

But if you're going to repeatedly lie to me, even when I know the truth, I would honestly like to avada kedavra you. 


~Example Time~

Like this one time, which happened a few days back, I was working on the third chapter of Ashes21: Agent Trickster (Number XIII) ~ADVERTISING~ while my friend was just there in the room doing something I can't remember now. So when my mom called, I tore myself away from my laptop and went to meet her. When I returned I found that the third chapter's missing and two of movellas are deleted. Yes, you heard it right. DeletedA movellian's nightmare. 

Now I asked- demanded- what happened. She was all like- "I did not touch the computer! I have no idea!" I felt like I was in one of those mystery novels, 'Hmmm... So what exactly happened?' I needed time to grieve my loss, so she left. Then my reasoning ability switched on, and I came to a conclusion... Movellas and chapters don't get deleted on their own. Unless it was deleted by some invisible man or phantom or mutant or wizard, it had to be her. 

Which she didn't own up to. 

I've learnt not to hold grudges... 

So I forgave her, but I changed my password and I'll probably never leave her alone with my laptop especially when I'm logged onto movellas. 


Which brings me back to the point I would like to make. 

I like honest people. 

They're like Candor. 

I like Candor.

So, If my writing is like poop, tell me it's poop. 

Honesty is a virtue, keep it. 


I think I just got worse in trying to rant.

Peace Out.


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