One Chance

After performing for secret celebrity judges and creating a talent show with celebrities and students, Lucy, Casey, Alex, and Savannah get into a little trouble. They are all 18, seniors, and want to have some fun. They sneak into the Tanlet Show and meet the most unexpected people ever.


1. Prologue

~Lucy's POV~

"Their comin' for mee- yay- yeah" I sang as we ran through the double doors of the auditorium.

"Please welcome back Lucy-Marie, Casey, Alex, and Savannah!" our principle cheered as we walked back in and up onto the stage.

"Girls why don't you tell us about the song you just sang and where the inspiration came from" out principle said as we all took a bow.

He passed me the mic and I began "Okay first off don't laugh at me but, my legs hurt from all the rehearsing and dancing so I'm going to sit down. Second the song is called Mad House which is originally sang by a British girl band called Little Mix. These girls inspired us to actually sing in a girl group." I finished  

I passed the mic to Alex "Our outfits were designed by Lucy, and were all payed for by the wonderful four judges you see here. They put in the time to help us get ready for this big show and got us everything we need. I mean for God's sake they build these house type things here!" Alex exclaimed pointing behind her

Alex passed the mic back to me "I just want to ask did anyone see me jump from one building to another? Because it was hard in these heeled boots!" I said turning my foot

I passed Alex the mic, who passed it to Savannah "Lucy and Alex put in a lot of work also with deciding what was going to be on stage. They had a lot to do with choreographing. As did Casey, but Casey did a lot of the painting and drawing designs." Savannah said motioning to each one of us.

Savannah then passed the mic to Casey "I just want to say I hope everyone enjoyed this performance. It took a lot to get all of this to work. Two weeks of preparation. And if anyone saw the few songs we sang during the week they would know how much work went into this." Casey laughed a little as she finished

Casey passed the mic down and back to our principle "You girls did so amazing that we have a big surprise for all of you!"

We all looked at him confused this wasn't apart of the show.

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