One Chance

After performing for secret celebrity judges and creating a talent show with celebrities and students, Lucy, Casey, Alex, and Savannah get into a little trouble. They are all 18, seniors, and want to have some fun. They sneak into the Tanlet Show and meet the most unexpected people ever.


3. Los Angeles

We all squealed with excitement.

"Wait what about... oh, wait, we're seniors we get off next week anyway!!" I shouted 

"Okay. Okay. Girls! You need to meet here at 7 am tomorrow. Be packed and ready to go. Everyone is dismissed for the day. See you tomorrow students." Our principle said as everyone began to leave

Alex, Casey, Savannah, and I walked backstage to get our clothes, bags, and makeup.

"I can't believe we actually won!" Savannah exclaimed

"Savannah we were the only ones in the show." Alex said as we walked out

"Oh." Savannah looked down 

"I can't believe that we are going to LA!" Casey squealed as we got to the parking lot

"I can't believe we are going to meet a bunch of celebrities!!" I shouted as we got into my car

I drove with us singing the entire way. We pulled into my driveway, no others cars. Mom and dad must still be at work. We walked up the driveway to the front door.

"Come on in. My mom and dad are at work we can go up to mine and Alex's room." I said as I kick my shoes off and picked them up

You see Alex is my cousin and she is living with us because her mother is sick and her dad walked out on them.

We walked up the stair case to our room. My side was full of colorful paints and clothes as it was like a big crayon box. Alex's was hot pink with black stars, with drawings of us as kids.

I flopped down on my canopy bed and sighed. "You people need to pick out is going to LA with me!" I said giggling

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