Just Another Punk

Punk Louis :P A dream come true. Haha Yep. I think it would make a good story so there you go. Haha a bad boy. :P



Jackie POV

"Mikayla? Meagan? Brigit? Jean? Olivia? Hollie? Mia? Janice? Christiana? Elizabeth? Kelly? Eleanor? SUZANNE!?!" I yelled and fell on the floor. That is just ten months too.

"Thank you Zayn for letting me know." I said and gave him a hug. What is that stabbing my thigh? *GASP* NO!?! He leaned in and I didn't back away. He'll feel sad but then if I do? Louis will still get mad. Urgh! I leaned in faster. Technically I made the first moved. If we get in trouble he should know it was me. I started feeling a whole zoo in my stomach. He started moving his tongue. Um what do I do? I opened my mouth and started fighting with him.

"I love you" he said after he gently pulled away. I looked into his big beautiful deep brown eyes. I didn't say a thing but he laughed. His face when he laughs! Oh CUTE!!! Look at his nose! He wrapped his arms around me and so did I.

"Are we going to tell Louis?" I asked.

"What will we do then? If anyone finds out wha-" I was cut off as he slammed his lips into mine. He pulled away and said, "they don't know about us."

"But I don't feel right. Louis is with me but I love you." I said running through thoughts.

"You can tell him if you want. I just want you that's all." He smiled. The home phone started ringing. I picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

"Tomlinson and friends residence who is this?" I said really fast.

"Bye bye bye Tomlinson. Next time think twice before you do a drive by." A deep voice said.

"This isn't Louis." I said a bit freaked out.

"We know you mean something to him." the guy sounds like he's in the room. We turned around and there were three guys holding us at gun point. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM! EH WHAT!? WHAT DID THEY SHOOT. I looked over at Zayn. I knelt down quickly as I saw the blood from his leg. I felt something hit my head and my eyes just shut.

Zayn POV

WHAT DID LOU DO?!?! SHE OUT COLD. THOSE BASTURDS JUST WALKED AWAY WITH A SMIRK ON THEIR FACE. I stopped clenching my leg and dragged myself a bit to get to Jackie. I shot her should. Nothing. I statted smelling smoke. Where in the hell? No they're bruning the house. I can smell it. I grabbed the phone and qiickly dialed Lou. No answer. Niall nothing. Liam either. I finally called the police. I might regret it but what other choice do I have.

"What's your emergency?" The lady asked.

"I got shot in the leg and my girlfriend is out cold and our house is on fire!" I blurted as fast as I could.

"What's the address? " she asked and I answered. I hung up and threw the phone. The fire is spreading too fast. What am I suppose to do?!? DAMN I CAN'T TAKE THIS! I pressured my leg and pulled her head to my chest.

"Wake up! Wake Up! WAKE UP!" I started yelling and felt tears roll down my face. I hear sirens. YES! They're here. I sigh in relief as the sirens kept going. The fire is getting too big. The mess in Lou's room isn't helping either. Two firefighters walked in and one of them grabbed her and the other helped me. We got out and the house collasped. My jaw dropped. If we were there any longer we would have been crushed by the entire second floor. They carried me off to a ambulance and what's happening I can't even breathe anymore?!?!?!?

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