Just Another Punk

Punk Louis :P A dream come true. Haha Yep. I think it would make a good story so there you go. Haha a bad boy. :P


18. sleeping beauty

Harry POV

She's not returning my calls or text. Why? She took her phone with her why won't she respond. I'm worrying. Boo is here with me too. She hasn't gone home either. Even though Louis is a total bitch he worries about her too. She fell asleep while we we're watching TV. I felt my phone vibrate and checked it. It was Jackie she finally replied.

"Stop callin and txt just leave me alone!" Woah is still mad at me? I wouldn't blame her. How did I just punch her like that? It was stupid. I don't want her to spend her life with that stupid low life jerk though.

Jackie POV

Loius moved me slightly and I opened my eyes. He looked at me.

"I gotta go do something but I promise I'll be back by tomorrow. Zayn's going to stay with you." I smiled and stretched.

"Come I gotta go." He laughed as I sat on his lap. I yawned and got off his lap.

"See you later babe." He said and kissed the top of my head. He left the house with the Liam and Niall. I sat back down on Louis's special seat and looked over at Zayn.

"Zayn?" I called his name.

"Yes?" He asked.

"What are you doing?" I

"Drawing" he replied and kept drawing. I walked over to him and stared as he kept drawing.

"It looks cute." I laughed and he looked back at me.

"Do you know what it is?" He asked.

"A monkey" I said and he smiled.

"So is there something fun we can do?" I asked sitting down next to him.

"Not really we usually just watch TV, drink, and talk.

"But aren't you like19 or 20?" I asked.

"20 why?" He asked.

"Because you aren't suppose to drink until you're 21"I said.

"You sound like a goody two shoes" he said as he pet my head. I laughed and walked into the kitchen.

"Can we eat ice cream?" I asked pulling a tub of ice cream out the freezer. He laughed walking over. He grabbed some cones from the pantry and started scooping the ice cream.

"Do you know what Louis is doing?" I asked as he kept scooping.  

"He told me not to tell you." He said not making eye contact.

"Why?" I asked as he turned to me to hand me my ice cream. Pouty face go. I took the ice cream and ended up laughing. 


Zayn POV

It's like she's teasing me. I want to kiss her. How did she even end up with Lou? I mean why go with him? He rapped you not long ago...

I grabbed some ice cream and shoved the tub back in the freezer. It was Niall's but he won't notice.

"Zayn who used my phone?" She asked.

"Louis had it. By the way he figure out your password." I replied. She looked at her phone and was scrollung through I t.

"Harry misses me. Sweet." She awwed.

"Why are you with Louis?" I asked all the sudden.

"Why do you care?" She asked.

"Come with me." I signaled her as we walked into Louis's room. It was a mess. I pulled a notebook out from inbetween the matresses.

"Here" I said as I handed it to her. She opened it with a confused face.

"This is since he came to the US." She said confused.  "Ruby? Nancy? 

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