Just Another Punk

Punk Louis :P A dream come true. Haha Yep. I think it would make a good story so there you go. Haha a bad boy. :P


22. Ohhh shit

Zayn POV
I want to see her now! Damn it but I can't even walk right anymore. Fuck why did Louis have to mess with the rival gang?! It was Ryan who shot me and Lucas who knocked her out cold. Damn it! My leg still hurts. They already removed the bullet but it hurts too much. UGH!!!!!

What the fuck happened?! Zayn and Harry's sister are in the hospital. Louis looked up at me. He hugged me and so did.

"Louis why don't we go home?" I asked.

"We don't have one anymore" he replied holding my hands.

"What do you mean?!" I was confused.

"The house was burned down." He replied. I gasped.

"I'll try to find a place for us." He said.

"You guys can stay with us until you find a place" Harry offered.

"You don't have to" Louis almost snapped. Why does he have to be dick right now?

"Come on we have spare rooms at home you guys can stay." Harry insisted. I gave Lou a face that meant you-better-accept-his-offer-or-i-will-kill-you and he said, "alright." 

Jackie POV
I'll tell Zayn to let me give Louis a chance first. Yeah. We'll see what happens then. I just can't chose. Why do I feel like I love Zayn I barely know him the same goes to Lou. I'll just give it a try. 
~a week and a half later~
"Jackie I'm back" I heard Louis say. I wish I could see him. I could hear his footsteps. He closed the door and sat down next to me.

"When are you going to wake up?" He asked desperately. Come on try to wake up! I am mentally battling myself now. Or should I say again. What's happening?! Shit it's working. I opened my eyes and said, "now."


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