Just Another Punk

Punk Louis :P A dream come true. Haha Yep. I think it would make a good story so there you go. Haha a bad boy. :P


4. Morning | Puppy

Jackie POV

Hey look at that I'm on the couch. I sat up and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed some toast and made some coffee. Harry walked downstairs and got some apple juice instead.

"The coffee is going to make you shorter," he teased me.

"It just makes me cuter." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"I charged your phone for you." he said and handed me my phone.

"Thanks." I said and got up.

"I'm gonna go exploring." I smiled he laughed and said, "just don't get into any trouble." He laughed. I ran upstairs and took a shower. The one thing Harry and I have in common about our hair is that it's plain out curly. I dried off with a towel and wrapped it around myself and walked to my room.  I put on my bra and underwear and walked to my closet. I grabbed some black skinny jeans and a purple shirt with a cartoon ninja on it. I put on some high tops and my millions of bracelets.

I made them all which is pretty cool. There made out of that lanyard string. I put on my lip balm and shoved it in my back pocket along with my phone. I took a quick look in the mirror and ran downstairs. Grabbing an apple I kissed Harry on the cheek. "Take care," he said as he threw me my board. I started skating around and threw the apple core away.

Harry really should have looked more into the neighborhood. I saw a pet shop and walked in. I turned and paid full attention to the puppy. He was do cute. I looked around and fell in love with all the animals. Haha even the snake.

"Louis you're late," I heard someone say. I turned around and saw that twat from the skate park. He looked at me and said, "Hey princ-" I cut off by saying, "don't call me princess,"

"Whatever....princess." He said. I took a deep breath and texted Harry. 'Can I get a dog?'

'Are you going to take care of it?'

'Yeshh :)))'


'Thanks Hazz!'

I walked to Louis and asked, "How much is the puppy over there?"

"The husky?" He asked. I nodded, "here you go Princess." He said as he handed me a paper with a price on it.

"I'll take him," I said. I took out my card and bought the puppy.

"Here you go Princess." He said as he handed me the dog's papers.

"LOUIS!" I heard someone yell from the backroom. He flinched a bit and ran his hand through his hair before going back.

"YOU'RE FIRED!" Some guy yelled.

"Why?" He asked.

"BECAUSE OF THIS!" The guy who I guess is the manager yelled.

"So what I got one dog to be blue." Louis back talked.

"OUT!" The manager yelled. Lous walked put and smiled saying, "Were you eavesdropping?" I nodded. We both walked out at the same time.

"Can I walk with you?" He asked.

"Great. Just the person to talk to." I sighed.

Louis POV

"Why not?" I asked.

"You know what, alright, but I'm dropping off the puppy at home." she said. I followed her home. She checked and no one was there. She let me inside and locked the puppy in the bathroom. She grabbed a bowl and poured milk in it and put it in the restroom with the puppy.

I back her up into the wall and moved in slowly. I put my hand on her ass as I kissed her. Her eyes were wide open the whole time. She tried to pull away bit I wouldn't let her. Not until she kisses back. I laughed a bit and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She pushed me away and slapped me.

"Leave!" She ordered.

"Don't act like you did enjoy it." I said as I pushed her to the wall again. She knees me in the balls just then. Man! That doesn't hurt! I fell to the floor and she went to a room and locked it. When I finally calmed down I unlocked the door and walked in.

"I told you to leave." She muttered as she typed something on her laptop. 

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