Her relationship is torn apart by aggression and anger. When Rob comes and tries to win Mollie back with more aggressive behavior, Niall isn't too impressed.


3. Chapter 3


"Mollie Johnson?" A nurse said in a gentle voice as she read my name from her clipboard.

I stood up "yeah" I replied quickly. Niall stood up and we both followed the nurse through the large double doors and into a room that was separated from the rest of the ward.

"Ill leave you two to it" she stated as she hurried out the room, closing the door behind her.

"Rob?" I whispered as I clear my throat. Before making my way over to the bed, my eyes scanned over the pieces of equipment surrounding my boyfriend... There was a continuous beep coming from the heart monitor. 

Niall placed his hand on the top of my back and edged me closer to Rob.

He had a bandaged wrapped around his head, bruises on his eyes and a cast over his nose. As my eyes moved down his body I saw a spinal board along his sides preventing movement of his body.

"Oh my god" I gushed as tears built up quickly in my eyes. 

"Shh, it's okay" Niall comforted me, as he rubbed my back up and down attempting to calm me.

The tears continuously fell down my cheeks, not knowing what to do I turned to Nialls chest and wrapped my arms around him. He took me in for a comforting hug and let out whispers saying it was going to be fine.


"I'm Doctor Jones" I large man introduced himself as he entered the room.

"Hi, I'm Mollie" I replied, letting go of Robs hand and standing up from my chair. Niall greeted him with a small nod of the head and a hand shake.

"I'm going to talk you through what's going to be happening with Robert"

The doctor continued to talk his way through about two hours, telling us about what kind of medication he would be taking, what the consequences of this accident were and what kind if injuries he has.

Rob had suffered a broken nose, a large, deep cut wound to the head and a damaged spine. The doctor said they won't know what the spinal injury has caused until he wakes up. 

"Robert will have to stay in hospital for at least a month, probably more due to the unknown consequences of the spinal damage" he finally ended, before passing me his notes and leaving the room, not allowing me to ask any questions.

"Molls, are you gonna stay the night?" Niall asked

"I don't think so, the doctor said he has a minor concussion.. He won't be awake for a few days" I replied, wiping the damp from my face with my sleeve.

"Okay, would you like me to drive you home when you're ready to go?" 

"If you don't mind" I smiled

"Of course I don't" he chuckled as he sat down in the chair next to me.

"I don't know what I'm going to do" 

"You know what I think about him, I have hardly any sympathy"

"Niall!" I said in shock.

"Oh come on, I know what's been going on for ages now Mollie!" He retaliated.

"Want are you implying?!" 

"You know what I'm saying. Remember all those times I saw you an you had bruises up your arms and you told me that they were from your dog?"

I stayed silent, flashing back to the violent memory...


"Mollie" he spat as he grappled my arm with his large hand and squeezed as tightly as he could, tears rolled down my face, pain ruling over my feelings.

"Stop it!" I tried to push him away, but it was no good. He was too strong.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing today?" He asked in a sick voice, rage burning in his eyes.

"What are you talking about?" I whispered. 

"You stupid attempt to flirt." He moved his hand down to my forearm and dug his fingers into my skin, making me scream with pain, his fingernails piercing my skin as he spoke his violent words.

"Stupid girl. You stay away from them. Especially that Niall. Why would you talk to that. He's fucks me off Mollie. I don't want you to talk to him" He released my arm. I looked down and saw the droplets of blood forming at the small, nail shaped cuts in my skin. 

I was too scared to tell him that the way he acted wasn't acceptable. All the insults he gave me about how no one else would ever love me because I'm ugly were sinking in and I couldn't help but believe them. Maybe I deserved this pain?

I cared to much for him, I didn't want to loose him even though I knew that I was suffering.

-end of flashback- 

"I love him, Niall" I spoke after a long pause. I looked over to Niall, I seemed to pain him whenever I stated that I loved Rob.

"He doesn't d-" Niall stopped himself before he could continue.

I cleared my throat. "Let's go?" I spoke as I looked up at the clock and saw the time. 

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