Her relationship is torn apart by aggression and anger. When Rob comes and tries to win Mollie back with more aggressive behavior, Niall isn't too impressed.


2. Chapter 2


"What happened to him?" The brown haired paramedic asked as I let her into the house and quickly showed her to where Rob was laying.

"He fell" I said quickly. The view of my boyfriend lying on the floor with blood seeping from his head was overwhelming and quickly started to upset me.

"He, he was drunk" I added, looking down at my feet in shame.

"Right" She smiled as she took a closer look at his head.

She spoke something into her radio, signalling for the others to come in.

"Would you like to wait in the ambulance, dear?" The paramedic asked me before ushering me outside towards the brightly coloured vehicle.

I stepped in and pulled my mobile from my pocket. It was nearly midnight already.

Moments later they brought Rob out of the house on a stretcher, his neck was stabilised between two red sponge blocks.

He was still unconscious, tears began to flood my eyes for the second time this evening. 


The two paramedics who were in the rear of the ambulance with me comforted me and convinced me to call some one to come to the hospital with me.

I tried my brother first but no answer... Niall was next on the list.

"Hello?" He answered in a sleepy voice.

"Mollie, what going on?" He asked, more concerned and awake. He could obviously hear the large amounts of noise coming from the background.

"Robs fallen and is-" I choked on my words as I realised how serious his injury could be.

"Is unconscious" I added almost immediately, sniffing as the tears ran gently down my face.

"What? Ill meet you at the hospital then, I take it?" He questioned, already assuming where I was.

"Yeah please, Niall" I struggled to make my voice louder than the surrounding noises.


I sat in the hectic A & E department beside Robs bed, nurses were flying around him trying to get to the cut on the back of his head. I had never been so scared for someone.

The doctors talking behind me made it obvious that there was something else wrong with him, but they wouldn't let me in on it - not wanting me to get anymore upset.

I knew it was something to do with his neck, I wasn't surprised, the way he fell down those stairs must have been unbearably painful.

"Moll?" I heard a quiet voice call out from behind me.

I knew before I had even looked that it was Niall. I turned my head to assure him that it was me.

"Shit" He said as he peered over the nurses and doctors to try and catch a better look at Rob.

I looked up at him just as his gaze moved down onto me.

Before we could say anything to each other, one of the tall doctors quickly made their way over to me and explain that Rob was going to have to go to theatre to fix his spinal damage.

Shock over whelmed me. Spinal damage. That could be fatal. Before I knew it Robs now drugged body was being pushed along the ward on a wheeled bed to the surgery unit.

I was left alone in the waiting room with Niall.

"Mollie" Niall whispered as he passed me a bottle of water he had just bought from the vending machine.

"Thanks" I said as I took the bottle. The cold condensation cooling my hand down, I took a sip and placed the bottle on the floor next to me.

"What happened?" Niall finally asked as he sat down opposite me.

"He fell down the stairs..." I answered, not wanting to telling the full story.

"Hmm okay"

A few moments of silence past, I stood up to stretch my legs.

"Where did you get those from." Niall asked as he walked over to me.

"Get what?" I asked, knowing fully well what he meant.

"Those red bruises on your waist?"

I looked down and saw my top had risen to just under my belly button, the red marks were harsh and slightly bruised.

"They are.. Um. " I trailed off.

"He did it didn't he?" Niall asked, his blue eyes looking down at me as his face turned into frustration.

"Leave it Niall"

"You don't deserve to be hurt"

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