Her relationship is torn apart by aggression and anger. When Rob comes and tries to win Mollie back with more aggressive behavior, Niall isn't too impressed.


1. Chapter 1

It was quarter to eleven on a Friday night, Rob hadn't come home yet. My ears directed me to the sound of the Skype ring tone, getting louder as I neared it. I turned my laptop round so the bright screen was facing my way; it was Niall. I answered the call with out any hesitation.

''Hi'' I greeted with a slightly higher pitched voice.

''Hey, what you doing'' Niall chuckled as he ran his fingers through his dark blonde hair.

''Nothing much, just waiting for Rob to come home'' I replied as I looked up towards the clock.

''Oh'' He returned as he rolled his eyes.  


Niall and I were really close friends and at the moment he was my 'boy best friend'. I couldn't have asked for a better one. Rob and I have dating for almost 5 months now, Niall had never liked the way he treated me, but I never saw what the problem was.

''I know you hate him'' I giggled

''Yeah, Molls, he treats you like shit''

'He doesn't, Ni'  

I didn't get angry with him when he started to say things like this because I knew that he was only being caring towards me, he didn't ever mean it in a nasty way.

''He really does, you just can't see it because you 'love' him''

"He's not nearly as bad as you think"

"He's an alcoholic, he get so aggressive towards you"

"No he doesn't" I whispered, thinking back to all the times Rob had come home drunk. I didn't want to see what Niall saw in him.

"I don't know, I just.. I just think you deserve so much better" He smiled at me and took a sip of water from a glass.

I heard the door slam shut harder than it usually did. Heavy footsteps walking unevenly along the wooden flooring downstairs.

"That's him, ain't it" Niall said quickly, knowing that I would have to end the call.

"Yeah" I quickly replied, my breath quickening.

"Shit. He's drunk" I added.

"I know this sounds far out, but please don't let him hurt you..." Niall whispered.

I looked down at the screen and saw Niall's eyes become filled with worry for me.

"Ill be okay, call you tomorrow" I said quietly before ending the video call.

I missed Niall's comforting presence already. Fear creeping into my mind as the heavy foot steps neared the bedroom.

I couldn't shake what Niall had said to me 'don't let him hurt you'. I think he meant both physically and emotionally. I hadn't told Niall everything about my relationship with Rob, I didn't want to have any more concerns about me being with him.

"Mollie" I heard a loud, stern and drunken voice shake through my ears, interrupting my thoughts.

"Im here, Rob" I replied quietly as I closed the laptop down and placed in on the desk next to the bed.

"Who the hell were you talking too?" He Asked in an aggressive tone.

"Oh, um, just N-Niall..." I said quickly knowing that he would be frustrated with contact with Niall.

"Do you love him?" He asked as he began to stumble closer to me.

"I love you, Rob" I said calmingly as I stood up from the bed and walked a few small steps closer to the large figure towering over me.

"Come here" Rob demanded, ignoring my previous statement. I took a step closer to him, nervous about what he wanted.

"Here." He pointed to the ground below him. I did what he wanted, getting a sick feeling in my stomach as he ran his large hand down my arm. Even though we have been together for nearly half a year, we still hadn't gone all the way in the bedroom department.

Intimate situations and touching always intimidated me.

"Let me fuck you." He spat in my ear.

"Rob, you're drunk" I stated in disgust and I took a step back, breaking the loose hold he had on my arms.

"So." He said as he grabbed my waist and pushed me angrily over to the bed.

"You're hurting me" I whimpered as he squeezed his fingers into my delicate hips.

"I don't care" Rob whispered as he clambered on top of me and attempted to rip my top off. Thankfully I managed to roll over under his weight and crawl quickly of the side of the bed.

"What the fuck are you doing." He slurred as he looked over to me, his eyes full of aggression.

My mind immediately flashed back to what Niall had said. Tears began to drown my eyes as I left the room.

"Get back here." He spat meanly as I ran down the long staircase.

I looked up to see him on the top step looking down at me at the bottom. I was scared at his behaviour towards me.

He began to clumsily run down the stairs and before I could look away he had tripped over his large feet and was falling harshly down the stairs.

"Rob!" I exclaimed as I jogged up a few stairs to reach his unconscious body lying just a few steps from the bottom.

I put my hand under his head and kissed his forehead. I felt warm liquid seeping onto hands, I moved them away to find blood covering my palms.

"Shit" I whispered, before lifting myself up and quickly running over to the phone to call an ambulance.



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