Three girls meet Black Veil Brides and get to spend a month with them. The girls are verry excited and the Guys are aswell. What happens next?(The Following is a transcription of a voicee recording Made By Kayla Sarah and Li. The back ground vocies and sounds will be in [ ])


1. Hello

My name is Kayla Rae. Me and my friends Sarah and Li are best friends. We Love Black Veil Brides. In fact they have saved our lives more than once [ Not now Andy]. We Were sitting in my bed room listening to bvb and a pop-up came on my computer. it said. "Win Three free tickets to a Black Veil Brides concert. With A free offer to get a month with the guys!" I Imediatly Clikcked on it. I entered the info and was told that the rusults for the winning tickets would be anounced over the radio station Fly 92.3 (its my area station lol) after a bvb song. We turned on the raadio and listened all day. Waiting. All i ould think about was meeting Andy.[Shut up Andy i said not now. *laughing*] Sorry any way where was i...o yes listening to the radio. So it was like 8:30 and they Played the Song "In The End" I screamed and sang along to Andys amazing voice.[Andy dont even think about it. muffled "i love you"] After the song they said, "and the winner of the contest Is Kayla Rae." 

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