My Past Is My Future (Prodigy & Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Hey my name is Aliyah Gonzalez. All my life everything I wanted I had to fight for and life was really hard. My dad left me when I was 2 and my mum raised me as a single mother. Life was kind of hard but we managed….. Now my life is starting to get better but! Let me take you back to where is all began when I met the love of my life Craig Crippen Jr.

This fun, romantic, feel good book is sure to fulfill your thirst for great fan fiction so......... stay tuned and read my story :D


1. Where it all began

I woke up too the beautiful ray of sunlight seeping in through the small opening of the curtains. There was a sudden movement in my bed and I turned my head to see him open his eye and adjust to the sunlight.

“Morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” he said in his sexy deep sleepy voice.

“Morning and great how about you?” I smile

“Amazing, know you were in my arms” he replied making you smile a little to yourself. I sat up and stretched then hope out of bed but the he grabbed your Arm.

 “What, Craig” I said turning so that I were facing him

“Don’t I get a good morning kiss?’ he raised his eyebrow “fine” I gave in.

I went over to peck his lips but then it led to a long passionate kiss. Finally I release and went to do your morning routine & and get changed to this


Hey my name is Aliyah Gonzalez. All my life everything I wanted I had to fight for and life was really hard. My dad left me when I was 2 and my mum raised me as a single mother. Life was kind of hard but we managed….. Now my life is starting to get better but! Let me take you back to where is all began when I met the love of my life Craig Crippen Jr. 

4 years ago….

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm ugh! First day at my new school today. I was kind of still pissed of that I had to move schools matter of fact I am pissed off I had to move half-way across the country to L.A... Well I guess I have to make the best of it. I did my morning stuff and then put on this

“Morning liya” my mum said in a cheerful voice

“Morning ma” I replied in a toneless voice “what’s wrong honey?” she questioned

“Do I have to go to school” I complained

“Yes today it’s your fist day you can’t just not go” she went on and on about how if I be myself people would like me, typically what stuff mother would say.

-FF to school-

I brace myself and took a deep breath before I taking a step through the gates of River-view District High. I quickly made my way through the school grounds getting weird look from everybody; they keep whispering stuff into each other’s ears. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying but I knew it was about me. Finally I made it to the school door and quickly opened it. I walk through the corridors getting the same look as did early.

Then this group of girls dress in designer from head to toe, walking in sync, acting like they own world, were walk towards me. I am could tell they are the popular bitches the school from just looking at them. Girl like this annoy me, walking around think they own the world when they are just some mean ass hoes. My thoughts were interrupted when one of the girls barged into me.

“The fuck your problem idiot” she yelled at me

“ Um… you barge into shame…” I said in a low tone

“Look because you’re new I am going let you go with a warning but cross us again and your ass be mine” she said giving me a mug look.

I shook my head and laughed then made my way to the office which I had no clue where it was. As I was look at a map of the school I crashed in someone and drop all my books

“oh I am so sorry, are you OK  this guy tall, kind of skinny guy with beautiful voice and 2 long braids said while helping me get all with my books.

“It’s fine and I am OK” I said getting my books together

“I never seen you before are you new?” he question

“Yeah” I simply replied. 

“I am Raquan but you can call me Ray ray or ray” he said extending his hand out for a hand for a handshake

“I am Aliyah but everyone calls me liya” I smile and shook his hand

“Um I  wonder if you can show to the office” I asked

“Sure just follow me” he said while getting up and I did the same. He led me to the office and the administration lady and said

“You must Aliyah Gonzales the new girl”

“Yep I am she” I smiled

“Ok here is your locker number & combo oh and schedule” she hand me all my stuff

“Thank you” I said while leaving

“What’s your locker number” ray asked

“143” I said smiling to myself

“That’s near mine come on this way” he said grabbing my hand and leading me to the my locker

“Here 143 if you need anything I am at 147” he said while smiling and walking away. I manage to find my class room for my first period 1 but to bad I was late.

I open the door to the class you have all eye’s on me again!

“You’re late and I am guess you are our new student” the teacher said. I just shyly nodded my head

“Well class we have a new student and her name is Aliyah Gonzales” she spoke then all eyes were turned to me. Now I am not going to lie and say that I am super out going because I am not! Even though I had strong opinions I keep it to myself.

“Class make feel welcome” the teacher said

 “Hello Aliyah” they all said at the same time. Sudden someone mutters “bitch” and the whole class laughs make me super embarrassed.

I look around the room to see who said that then I see the popular girls from early this morning. I glared at them but they just continued laugh then one of the girls mouthed “your welcome” which made me super-heated.

“Quiet class” the teacher said making everybody silence. “Aliyah go take a seat next to Craig and Eve in the back oh and they will be showing around school and if you have any problems or just want some clarification just go them” I nodded then went and took my seat.

I sat down and look to my left to see 3 really pretty light skinned girls talking to each other then they turn to me and one said

“Hi you must be Aliyah” she smiled

“I am Eve this is Sarah and that Christina” then they all smile.

“Nice to meet yall” I said and smiled in return “so where did you move from” one of the girls said, I think it was Sarah. “Atlanta” I replied “that’s far” eve said.

“Alright class I have an assignment for you and your partner I give you” said announced making everyone groan “you guys will have to come up with an inspiration speech that last 2 minutes” she went on and told us our partners “……. Sarah & Jacob, Christina & Chrestano and finally Aliyah and Craig” she finished then I turned to my right and there he was Craig. I am not gonna lie he was fine as, with his coco colored skin, gold hair with a red ‘MB’ engraved in he head, tone cheek bones and his big muscles you could see through he wife beater DAMN!!

“You must be Aliyah” he said in a low tone

“I am she” I smiled

“Meet me out side after school and we can go to my place to work on it?” he asked

“Yeah sure” answered

-FF to after school-

The bell rang to signifying that’s school was over; I quickly pack my stuff and headed to my locker got my book and left school. As I was rush out the school grounds I remember that I had to meet up with Craig “shit”! I quietly mumbled to myself and made back to the parking lot. It wasn't hard to spot him out because he was the only one learning against his car look all “thug”.

“You came lil mama” he said

“Yeah I guess” I replied walking towards his car.

 To my surprise he came over and opened the door for me, what a gentleman I thought to myself

“Thank you” I said “no worries”.

He started his car and away went, after about 5 minute his phone rang. It was funny because he had the same ring tone as me ‘A$AP Rocky- Wild For The Night’ (A/N: that song is my jam I love asap rocky :D and it is my actual ring tone lol).

-Phone convo-

“Hello” he said calmly

“I am going home”

“I can’t man”

“Fine, whatever man” he said sounding heat.

Suddenly he went in a direction I wasn't familiar with.

“Where are we going” I asked as he pulled up to dark alley

“I just have to make a quick stop” he reassured me

“Where at?” I said start to get a little scared and frustrated

He suddenly parked the car “relax I need to go drop something off lay low and stay here I will be back in about 15 minutes but if I don’t run!” he explained.

”wait what why?”

He reached in the back of his car and revealed 2 shiny silver guns “here” he said handing me the gun. I was so shocked I didn't say anything I just took it and watching him walk out this his backpack. I just sat there hold it and staring. I suddenly had memory of a gun I that I once held………… the gun that killed my older brother. A tear drop rolled down my face and landed on the gun.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, I jumped with every gun shoot. Then I thought what if it was Craig that just got shot.......


To Be Continued


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