Big Change

As Aspen and her best friends Alexa Hannah and Leeann get ready for their meet and greet with the biggest boy band in the world they have no clue how much their lives will change once they get there. What will happen ? who will fall for who > You must read to find out!


4. wanna hang?

Hannah's P.O.V

When I got back to the house I texted Niall. I didn't want to sound desperate so I just said

To: Niall

From: Hannah

Hey its Hannah, just thought I text you so you have my number bye. Oh and thanks for what you said one stage it was really cute. xx


I figured he wouldn't respond but he did REALLY fast.

To; Hannah

From; Niall

Thanks love, so glad I got to meet you your freaking beautiful we need to hang out sometime. Talk to you later babe. xx


Did Niall Horan just call me beautiful? I don't know about you but I'm dying inside. I ran downstairs and told Aspen and Alexa. " OMG, Niall just texted me calling me beautiful and he wanted to hangout sometime." '' What?" aspen said standing up. "Yeah I texted him so he'd have my number and he was all like your beautiful and we should hangout!" I said totally fangirling, " Hannah I'm not so sure this is all a good idea." Alexa said standing by the island. I was in love with our house. Our parents basically put all there money together to let us buy whatever house and decorate it however. Yeah we had money but we didn't really like to show it off.

Aspen's P.O.V

I was debating whether to text Harry or not because I didn't want to annoy him, but I texted him anyways

To: Harry

From: Aspen

Hii Harry its Aspen thought id say hi and say it was so nice to meet you and the boys! You guys are absolutely amazing. love you all ! xx

After I sent the text I locked my phone. I honestly didn't think he would respond, but he did and immediately.

To; Aspen

From; Harry

Thanks love, and I want to hangout with you as soon as possible and so do the boys! What about this weekend you guys come with us to our lake cottage ?we'll be here for a week, Id be so much fun!

Whoa!? Did Harry Styles just ask me to spend the weekend with him and the boys? So many thoughts are going threw my head right now. "HANNAH ALEXA LEEANN, COME HERE NOW!" I yelled from my room. My room was medium sized with different things on each wall. On wall was just pictures of One Direction the wall my bed layed up against was pictures of friends and family. I had all aqua blue ombre into white walls. Nothing to special just me. " WHAT?!?" Hannah said walking in combing her hair. She had a major hair fetish. She absolutely love to play with her hair. "Sit!" then they all walked in sitting on my bed." Look at this."I gave them my phone and they passed it around to everyone read it.

Alexa's P.O.V

"Are you sure that's him?" Leeann asked giving Aspen her phone back. " Well yeah he gave it to  personally." she said looking at us in shock. "Well were going to go aren't we?!" Hannah asked standing up. "I dunno , im not to sure about this guys." I said. "OH COME ON! You know you want to because I do!" Leeann said giving me a 'I know you do look'. "Im going with or without you guys!" Aspen getting under her bed to get her suit case. " Im going'' Hannah said walking out. "Me too." Leeann agreed. "well im not staying here all week alone so I guess ill go!" That was it we all were going to the lake with One Direction. Wow never thought id be saying that. EVER.


I went into my room and looked around. I don't think since we've been here we have left accept for school or activities. My room wasn't much. It was purple with a cheetah bed print and picture frames and swimming awards on the walls. I walked into my closet and grabbed my suit case and began to pack.

Leeann's P.O.V

I was so excited for this week and I think everyone else was too! Well Alexa kind of seemed scared but she'll be over it once she sees Liam. haha. I plopped down on my bed and stared at my ceiling before getting up. My room was lime green with pink stripes. My bed spread was pink from Pink. I had swimming awards and posters all over my room. Above my head stand was a shadow with my state medals.

I never thought id be in London for swimming. I also never thought id be hanging with one direction for one whole weekend, but I also have to remember im not here for boys that's one thing I promised my mom and dad before leaving that would focus on college and not boys. Which was hard for me. In high school Hannah Alexa and Aspen and I hung out with the so called 'populars' which isn't what I would call us but whatever, and boys were always a problem I had a boyfriend all the time. Except I haven't had one since I broke up with Ben. Yeah sure he was cute and everything but he was way too clingy and are relationship got boring.

Anyways back to packing. I get sidetracked VERY easy

Hannah's P.O.V

ONE DIRECTION in a lake house with us for a week? Doesn't that sound crazy. I thought to myself while packing. I looked around for anything I could have forgot. My room was navy blue with a swimming banner on one wall with an anchor on the other that said 'I refuse to sink' underneath it. My room was perfect for  me. " IM DONE!!" I yelled out my door. Just then my phone buzzed I looked at it

To : Hannah

From; Niall

Hey love, I heard Harry asked Aspen for you guys to come with us this week to our lake cottage. Are you all coming ? I want you to come sooo bad!!

I smiled that he was eager for me to go.

To Niall

From Hannah

Yes were all coming were very excited!! xx

To Hannah

From Niall

YAAY! Cant wait ! See you tomorrow at noon babe. xx

To Niall

From Hannah

Me either goodnight. XX

With that I locked my phone and went and told the girls what time they would be here. I never thought any of this would ever actually would happen. We hanging out with One Direction for one whole week.

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