Big Change

As Aspen and her best friends Alexa Hannah and Leeann get ready for their meet and greet with the biggest boy band in the world they have no clue how much their lives will change once they get there. What will happen ? who will fall for who > You must read to find out!


2. Really?

As we got to the parking lot we realized it was going to be awhile before getting in. " I think we should just try to cut in front of people." Hannah said getting our of her new Camaro. "Guys lets take a picture so I can put it on twitter!" Alexa said unlocking her phone "Say cheese!" We all smiled and she snapped the picture.

Alexa's P.O.V

After I took the picture I posted it

"@Alexxa_brAmwll: Ready to meet the boys!!"


I honestly never thought we would meet them but, hey dreams can come true right? I laughed to myself and walked in line. We managed to cut a few people but not to many. "OH MY GOSH! look how close we are!" Aspen said jumping up and down while pointing to the door. Ever since last year the boys changed the meet and greets. Each group get to spend 20 minutes with them after taking 3 pictures. I was so happy that they change it because before it was just a picture and hello and goodbye. Which is kinda stupid in my opinion.


Hannah's P.O.V

"Look before we go in there lets have a friend check." I said turning towards my friends. A friend check in our words Is to make sure your makeup looks fine, you have no boogers, you smell good and hair is looking sexy. "Aspen your good, Alexa your good, and Leeann your good!" I said waiting for my turn. "PERFECT!" Aspen yelled when we reached the door. '' Are you girls ready?" asked the guy at the door. " Ready as we'll ever be!" i said giving a smile. Then he opened the door.


Harry's P.O.V

As we waited for the next group of girls, or maybe even guys, we talked upon ourselves. "I want a good looking group of girls to come in!" Louis said standing beside me. " Who knows maybe this group will be the group." Niall said messing with his hair. Then the door opened and I knew  was the group. A girl with long tan legs, high waisted aqua blue shorts, and a cropped tee walked in with her beautiful friends as well but I knew that girl was the one. " Hi, I'm Harry!" I said walking up to them. The girl with long blonde hair just stared at Niall and he was staring back. " Hello Harry, I'm Aspen, this is Alexa, Leeann , and Hannah." god her accent was perfection. I knew I had to get her number. " So you guys ready for your picture?" Liam asked grabbing Alexa , I think that was her name hand. " Yes!" shrieked Hannah. She was beautiful too! but new Aspen was the one and i think Niall had a thing for her.


*Aspen's P.O.V*

After we took our pictures we all sat down on the couch and got to know each other better. "So Aspen, do you play any sports?" Harry asked scooting closer to me. " Well actually we are all competitive swimmers. We actually here in London for a school we got accepted to." I answered looking around everybody. "Wow, you guys must be really good then?" Zayn said looking at me. "Well I wouldn't say were bad." I said laughing. Just then a guys walked in the room saying our time was up. Before we walked out harry gave me a hug. Which I fangirled in my head. Then he handed me a piece of paper with is number on it. "Shh, its a secret." He said smirking. "You want me to have your number? Really?" then he shook his head yes kissing my cheek. Then i walked out the door to Hannah, Alexa, and Leeann. " Guys Harry just gave me his number!" "Niall gave me his too! " Hannah said jumping. " And i got Liams" Alexa said. Then we all looked at leeann in hoping she got Louis. She looked at us with a sad face. " JUST KIDDING LOUIS FREAKING TOMLINSON GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!!" she shouted. So much was going threw my head. Did this really just happen. Like Really?



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