Big Change

As Aspen and her best friends Alexa Hannah and Leeann get ready for their meet and greet with the biggest boy band in the world they have no clue how much their lives will change once they get there. What will happen ? who will fall for who > You must read to find out!


1. Getting Ready

"HANNAH! Come on your taking forever in their" I yelled as my best friend Hannah took her time in the bathroom to get ready for our meet and greet with One Direction. This had been our biggest dream ever since we were in eighth grade. Which were now 17, and we never thought that we would all be going to their meet and greet plus there concert tonight. " I'm sorry I was doing my hair and makeup" Hannah said as she opened my bathroom door. " Have you talked to Alexa or Leeann?'' I asked turning on the flat iron. " No, Alexa said she would be here at four-thirty and its just now four." "Okay, will you send Leeann a text message and see when she'll be here?" "Yeah sure anything for you princess" she joked and picked up here phone.


*Skips when Leeann and Alexa arrive*


We all shared a house because we all moved here to London for swimming. Were all competitive swimmers so it works out to live with four best friends in London. '' Leeann what are you wearing tonight?" I asked walking into her room. "Well I was thinking that navy blue dress I got with the brown belt and I was wondering if you could curl my hair?'' " Yeah, that's fine and I love that dress on you!" "thanks" As she got dressed I turned on the curler and got dressed as well. I wore aqua blue high waisted shorts with a cropped tee that has a leopard print cross on it. I wore my hair straight. I know you shouldn't brag about yourself but I do. I love my hair last year I finally reach the length I wanted it to be, which was right at the top of my bum. " What are you wearing" I asked Alexa walking into her room. " I think I'm going to wear my iron man tank top with mu high waisted black shorts" "hmm cute!!" I said walking out laughing. I walking down stairs to see Hannah eating. Go figure she's a human garbage disposal. She was wearing short Hollister shorts with a navy blue tank top and a gray cardigan. She word her blonde hair, which was about the same length as mine strait. Everybody walked downstairs ready to go and we that we left. It took about an hour and half to get there. The car ride was really fun we were jamming out to new album. Before getting out I looked in the mirror. I was actually satisfied with myself today. I guess taking all that time getting reading was worth it.


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