Big Change

As Aspen and her best friends Alexa Hannah and Leeann get ready for their meet and greet with the biggest boy band in the world they have no clue how much their lives will change once they get there. What will happen ? who will fall for who > You must read to find out!


3. Concert

Leeann's P.O.V

After the Meet and Greet we heading to the concert room. It was huge! We had first row seats. Which I was totally excited about. In my opinion every girl that loves these boys should have a chance to meet them because not everybody has billions of dollars for them. I've always said they should do a tour where they go to every country and visit all the states and do like a 10 dollar meet and greet in the capitol. Everyone deserves a chance right?

Louis P.O.V

" I hope that girl is here tonight we met today at the meet and greet" Harry said putting his in-ears on. "I really hope too!" I said doing the same. " Alexa was so freaking gorgeous" Liam said taking a sip of water. " Hannah boy oh boy was she beautiful." Niall said getting his guitar. " Lets make the most of tonight boys." Zayn said walking up on the play forms to rise us up on stage. " Lets do this!!" I screamed as we rose up.

Alexa's P.O.V

We waited for a few, then the music started playing and the rose up on stage. Gosh was It loud, but there he was singing his heart out. Liam was just perfect. I want him to be mine but that probably will never EVER happen. Wait if our dream of getting meet and greet and front row concert tickets came true then anything can happen. They were so good in concert.

Liam's P.O.V

There she was standing in the front row screaming and signing along with all our songs. I knew I had to make her mine and I would. She' everything I've ever looked for in a girl. Sweet, shy, beautiful, and smart. Alexa Payne. hmm that's catchy. " Liam what are you doing mate?" Then I snapped back to reality. I totally spaced we were on stage answer twitter questions. '' Sorry lost my focuse for a few." I said back making the crowd laugh.

Niall's P.O.V

Liam wasn't acting right tonight It was almost like he was hypnotized but then when I saw him staring I knew what it was. Those girls from the meet and greet that we gave our number to were in the front row. " Tonight I would like to say I met a girl she absolutely amazing, she's stting right here with here friends in the front row. She's beautiful and I want everyone to know Hannah will be my girlfriend one day and I want give up. I feel like I've known here my whole life but only know her with the 20 minutes at our meet and greet. I would l to get to know her better. With all this I just said thank everybody for coming out tonight. Have a goodnight and see you soon." I cant believe I just said all that in front of everybody. I'm going to get a ton of hate but I don't care I needed to get that off my chest.




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