learn to love again

"Love? I don't believe in it" "yes you do your just to scared to realise it " "I'm not scared" "yea you are your scared of getting hurt scared of what love might do to you because of what it did to you before but I'm not mike" " everyone says that I can trust them end what makes you any different " "I'm not saying you can trust me I'm saying I can show you how to love again"


4. the club

I woke up to the song of call me maybe sound and realised it was coming from my phone which meant my best friends Jake was calling everyone thought we were dating but I found out he was gay in college 'hello' I said as I picked up my phone 'gay horses eat hay haayyyyyyyy get dresses were going to a club to hit on some hot mother*ckers' 'my god your gayer than gay ' ' I know get dressed I'm picking you up in five minutes' and with that he hung up I ran up to my room and put on my tight black dress that went up to about mid thigh and had rips running up the side of my thighs and arms and also on my back the sleeves went up to my elbows it was probably my favourite dress I didn't much put make up on because I was naturally beautiful all I put on was black eye liner mascara and baby pink lip stick on I grabbed my black clutch , phone and money and ran out the door where jack had just pulled up I hopped in the car and we drove off the the club when we got there we headed straight inside and went straight to the bar I noticed harry was here too so I walked up to him "stalking me are you?" He turned around and when he realised it was me he laughed and said "want a drink" "sure why not but how about we make a game out of it each round we state three things about our self two correct and one in correct if we guess the incorrect fact then the other person has to chug there drink but if you guess the fact that's correct you have to chug your drink" "deal I bet you I'll win and if I do win you have to sleep with me" "deal and if I win you have to sleep with me "alright a win win situation" "you go first" alright "I have four nipples I have a sister named gemma and my hair is naturally straight" "i'm guessing that the four nipples is wrong" harry then shoves the drink to me ushering me that I have to drink it " no freaking way you have four nipples anyway its my turn "I say after chugging my drink "okay sooooo umm I'm from new Zealand my best friend is gay and I'm adopted" " okay I'm gonna say that your not adopted" " your turn to drink Mr harry I am adopted I'm not from new Zealand " we kept on playing until we were completely smashed and I ended up winning the more drunk we got the more strange our answers got we took a cab to his house were we locked the doors and I jumped on him and we were making out completely forgetting the fact that I can here with Jake harry picked me up in mid kiss and carried me up the stairs to his room where we locked the door and I'm pretty sure you could tell what happened next ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OKAY so you guys convinced me to continue The story so I will the next chapter will either be done tonight or tomorrow cause here In australia we are on school holidays anyways Night my squishies
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