Shady Creek Lane

"Hey, where is Logan?"

"It's three at night!"

"Why do you always keep helping me?"

"I know I've never been there for you when you needed me."

"Promise me there won't be another fight."

"I love you..."


10. Right To The Bottom



(Alex's POV)  


Mom opened the door. I peeked through the furniture to see who it was. My eyes widened. Drew. I went downstairs to join the conversation. What if Drew called me Angel? I'm so stupid. Really. I accidentally told him my second name and why, why didn't I correct it before it was too late?  


"Hey, Drew!" I said with a fake smile to hide my worries.  


"Hi," he said politely. He turned to mom. "Good morning madam."   


Mom smiled. "Good morning, dear." She smiled.  


I jumped in. "Actually, I was going to come to see you to ask for something, if it's not too much." I would be a good actress.  


"No problem, whatever you want." He said and flashed a smile.  


I smiled back. "Mom and I have to be out today and dad's at work so we didn't know how to go out leaving my sister and brother home. Right then I remembered that you said you would show Chris your video games. And Cassy is old enough to stay alone."  


"Oh, sure. That will be great. I will look after him so well, don't have a worry about that."  


Mom was smiling apreciatively. "What a polite young man." She said nodding.  


Drew smiled. "It's impossible to be not against such a pretty lady." Wow. Now, where did that come from? "And Cassy can come over too if she wants."  


"No, now that would be too much we want of you."  


"No, really, I've always wished I had many siblings. Unfortunately I don't, but we can pretend I do for today."  


"Thank you for everything." I smiled. This time geniunely.  


Mom yelled to my sister and brother. "Cristian! Cassidy!"  


Drew put his hand on my shoulder. "You're welcome. Anytime."  


I could hear Chris screaming and clapping while running down the stairs.   Drew and I laughed at the same time. "Good luck." I whispered.  


"Let's go Alex." Mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. This was what I was afraid of. I automatically turned to Drew. He shot me a meaningful look but didn't say anything. Mom was now next to us. "Don't get Jay waiting."    



(Drew's POV)  


Jay? Jay Torrin? I hoped it wasn't him. I thought Angel was quite pretty. Oh, and that case, what did her mom call her, Alex? Nevermind, whatever it was, she'd better stay away from Torrin. Or I would feel so sorry for her future. With that guy, it wasn't bright. That surely wouldn't be the best start to a new life. He would bring her deep to the bottom like an anchor.    



(Jay's POV)  


Unlike the night before, today the sun was shining bright. I cursed the hot weather. I pulled on my jeans and a long sleeved sweatshirt. I grabbed some coins for the bus tickets. I already had the money for the food on my back pocket.  


I was happier than anytime in last month. The school had started and my life was broken down to pieces of dust again. I looked at my reflection. No clue of tears in my eyes. Perfect.    



(Alex's POV)  


Mom and I got out of the house right after Drew left with Cassy And Chris. The thing about Drew bothered me. He didn't talk about it but I felt uncomfortable. But I didn't choose to lie, right? I couldn't forgive myself. I know it's not too big, but I had promised to be a better person when I moved here. Including no lies at all. I just didn't wanna be like the old me.    

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