Shady Creek Lane

"Hey, where is Logan?"

"It's three at night!"

"Why do you always keep helping me?"

"I know I've never been there for you when you needed me."

"Promise me there won't be another fight."

"I love you..."


3. Pebbles



Just when I was too tired to even think and was falling asleep I thought I heared a noise. I listened carefully for about a minute. There was nothing. Then I heared it again. Tap, tap, tap.



(Alex's POV)


Whoa, what was that now? I'd told you before that this house was like the ones in thrillers. I slowly pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped them with my arms. Come on I told to myself. You've dealt with a burglar last summer, this can't be half as bad. Anyway, It can't possibly be a person. The closest house is 200 metres away.


I realised that I wasn't that scared. Actually, it was hard to get me scared. I was too curious to be horrified. I slowly released my legs and searched for my slipper with them on the floor. I quickly found them and stood up. I heared it again. Tap. The sound was closer than I'd thought. It came  from my front. I looked at the window. Tap. I realised that it didn't come from inside the house as I'd expected. It came from the window. It was the sound of something hitting the window. I approached to it and looked outside. It was dark so I couldn't see anything. I went to turn on the lights and took a look at my digital watch. 3:00


I went next to the window and opened it. There was someone down there. A boy. I couldn't clearly see what he looked like. "Hey" I said. "What are you doing here?"



(Drew's POV)


I was in Jamie's house. The maid, Maria, had said that he was busy and I should come again later, but this was emergency. Maria was a beautiful Brasilian brunette and I could think about being with her if she was just a little younger. I insisted to see him immediately and after a while of arguing I agreed to wait  in the living room.


I had spent about half a boring hour waiting there without doing anything. Maria was in the kitchen. I could hear the TV was on. I thought she'd never realise if I sneaked upstairs right then. So that's exactly what I did. I quietly went upstairs and walked through the long corridor to reach Jamie's room. Without feeling the need to knock on the door I opened it and went in. I was expecting him to do anything but this. He was in the bed. Well, that didn't seem so unusual. It was who he was with. Jade. My girlfriend.


I hadn't ever been the nicest person in any part of my life. I had my fights. I didn't like obeying in any case. But this girl, I loved her. She was the only person in the entire world that I was totally nice to. I even thought about marrying her someday. She was so beautiful in a way that's hard to explain. She had long black wavy hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was smooth and pale which made a stunning contrast with her hair. Her body had a great shape, but I never used her for that as I did with the others before.


I felt tears forming in the corners of my eye. No, I thought, Drew never cries. You don't want everybody to think you're weak, do you? You don't. Good. Don't let those fucking tears fall now. With that I slammed the door behind me without letting any of them trying to "explain" it and got in my car. I drove so fast.


I went to a bar where I usually went and drank a little more than I should. A boy sitting next to me shouted so I could hear: "Don't you think that's a little too much?" He was Jamie's friend. That was it. I stood up so casually and punched him with all my power left. I can say that I got the effection I was expecting. Within a few minutes Jamie and his crew filled the area. The place was a total mess. There were too many of them and they had knives. I remember I had a punch in my left eye and in my stomach before I  could run away.


When I was driving I felt a wetness in my left cheek. I put my hand on it and tried to figure out what it was in the dark. Blood. I cursed and drove right to Logan's. I usually went there after a fight. He always helped me even though he didn't like it. He was too nice to reject me in a position like that.


He was living far away from the city center. 200 metres away from my house, near the woods. There was a different car in the driveway when I parked. Must have bought a new one. I thought. He's rich after all. I walked around the house and found the window of his room. His room was in the second floor but there was a big maple tree next to it so it was easy to climb.


I got a few pebbles from the ground and threw one on his window. I waited for a few minutes. Nothing happened. I threw a few more. After about ten minutes a light turned on in the room and then the window opened. It was a girl. "Hey! What are you doing here?"

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