Shady Creek Lane

"Hey, where is Logan?"

"It's three at night!"

"Why do you always keep helping me?"

"I know I've never been there for you when you needed me."

"Promise me there won't be another fight."

"I love you..."


11. Bianna



(Drew's POV)  


I opened the back door of the car for Cassy and Chris when we arrived to my place. "So, now you know where to come when you feel in need to escape." I stated laughing.  


Chris' eyes were wide open. "Can I stay with you all the time?" He said, quite fascinated. I laughed. "Yeah, actually I have an extra room."  


We went inside and decided what to eat for lunch together. It was actually fun to have these kids around.  


"So, what do you want to eat?"  


"Pizza" Chris shouted.

"Pasta" Cassy said at the same time.  


"What about both?" I said and smiled. They both cheered. "But you will tell mom we had something healthy, alright?"  


"Alright!" they cheered. As I said, it was fun to have these kids around.    



(Alex's POV)  


Mom and I had finally arrived the mall. I looked around and a small shop caught my eyes. That short bright red summer dress was perfect for today. My mom followed my eyes. "That dress?" I nodded. She smiled and hold my arm. "Let's go."  


The smell of jasmine and caramel welcomed us from the second we entered the store. La Boutique Contente. There were many elegant but comfortable dresses on the left side of the store labeled under the name ' Le Matin'. The right side with the fancy night dresses was named ' Le Soir'. "Good morning!" A girl appeared from behind a raw of dresses, smiling. She had a little bit of accent which I couldn't recognise.  


"Good morning." I said to her smiling as well. I didn't know why but this red haired girl in white shirt and black blazer had made me feel comfortable.   


"What kind of dress were you looking for?" she said with the same slight accent.  


"Actually I liked that one." I pointed to the red dress that I first saw.  


She searched a raw of red fabric and held out a copy of the dress I liked. " Clémentine " She announced. "It's a nice choice." I thought ' Clémentine' was the name of that series.   


"Where are you from? I couldn't recognise your accent." I told the girl.  


"I'm Italiano. My name's Bianna."  


"Bianca?" I thought that was the Italian name.  


She giggled. "No it's Bianna." Then she explained. "My mom is American. Daddy was Italian so he wanted Bianca. Although my mom wanted something more American." By the time she had held out her hand.  


I smiled and shook her hand. "Mi chiamo Alex." I said in Italian making her smile.  


"I never saw you around." She stated politely as I let go of her hand.  


"We just moved."  


"Oh, I see. Do you have any friends so far?" She paused. "Oh, and the dressing room is over there." She pointed to a long curtain on the back next to Le Matin.  


I quickly went there and changed. I heared mom talking with her when I did so.   


"Alexis was going to cinema with a friend this afternoon. And she has an extra ticket." I heared mom say. I smiled to myself. She was the best mom ever. "Do you have anything to do or would you go with them?" she continued.  


"Sure, I would go." I heared Bianna said.  


"That's great!" I heared mom clap. I laughed and got out of the dressing room.  


"Wow!" They said in unison. I smiled.  


"You look so beautiful!" Bianna beamed.  


"Oh my god!" mom whispered/shouted and hugged me.  


"You think I'm ready?" I asked.  


"Extremely." Mom said.   


I looke at my watch. It was 4.50. The tickets were for 5.05. "There's fifteen minutes. So, Anna," I said shortly. "Are you coming?"  


She hesitated. "I would gladly come, but I can't go out before five and I can't go home and change in fifteen minutes.  


She was right. I thought for a while. I didn't wanna do this but I kind of had to. "You can wear this dres fot today." I suggested her. It would fit her. Maybe even better than me.  


"No, no, no. I can't do that." She refused politely. I didn't wanna be so selfish.  


"Look, I want you to come with us." I said honestly.  


Mom stepped in at this point. "I have an idea. Alexis, you wear the dress. And Bianna, you can wear ger storts and tshirt. I know it's not the best thing to wear, but you can do it for a few hours, right?"  


"I surely can!" Anna exclaimed. I smiled. It was so good to know I already have a friend around here. I paid for the dress and Anna changed into my shorts and tee and it was already five. 


"Come on, girls. You got to hurry. Alexis, can you call Cassidy and tell her I will be picking her and Christian up in ten minutes?"  


"Sure mom!" I shouted while dragging Anna to the cinema with me.

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