Buddy: A story about a dog where the dog doesn't die at the end.

Hi, my name is Buddy, and I am a dog. But not just any dog, I am SUPERDOG (note the capitals) and I saved planet earth from an evil cat invasion, then I married Lassie, and went to the moon with Scooby Doo. And that's all before breakfast. Now you may have seen the cover and see a picture of an adorable dog, and think, I have seen books like this before. The dog always dies at the end. Well fear not, I am immortal!

Meet Buddy, a dog with an imagination, and a love for treats. He lives with his owner Mindy, and his goals in life are to have a cat-free world, marry Lassie, and be best friends with Scooby Doo. Here is his autoDOGography.

(Please tell me what you think, as I don't normally write in this style)


1. Introduction

Welcome                                 Welcome

                                                                                welcome                                    Welcome            welcome

                                    welcome                                                         welcome

   Hi, I'm Buddy the dog, and if you've seen the cover, you are probably wondering why it is I'm wearing glasses. Well the answer is simple, I'm shortsighted. I used to have contacts, but I ate them, so Mindy gave me a pair of her old glasses. Talk about huge. Now, just so you know, Buddy isn't my real name, it's just the name that Mindy, other dogs, random strangers, and well, everyone calls me. My actual name is SUPERDOG, so call me that instead.

     Anyway, here's my introduction. Having a short-term memory problem, Mindy suggested I write a diary, but that's a chihuahua thing, and I don't want to look pathetic. I then had an idea so great, even Einstein would be green with envy. I decided to write an autoDOGography!!! Genius or what? As I was telling Mindy about what I would put in it, she laughed and said, maybe I should be like J.K. Growling, and write fiction. As if, what makes her think that me saving the world from an evil cat invasion is fiction? She clearly doesn't understand that I am DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. And marrying Lassie? That is most definitely not fiction, we are clearly made for each other. Anyway, you probably want to know all that boring information that everyone asks for. Well, here it is.

     My name is SUPERDOG, and I live in Mindy's house (a fabulous tourist attraction if you were wondering). I am... actually I can't remember how old I am, but I know for sure I am a dog NOT a puppy (it is the insult of all insults to call a dog a puppy). I am micro-chipped (Mindy made me write that) and I am also neutered. I had to wear one of those dopy collars for WEEKS afterwards. Oh, the embarrassment, never again. (Shudder to oneself) Oh yes, I am a dog (obvious I know, but you would be surprised how many people get that wrong) I am a purebred who happens to have two different breeds as parents. But I am as pure as any.

     Mindy has just opened the fridge, so I am afraid the introduction ends here. I would write more, but food calls. Bye for now, and may bones be with you.           


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