Buddy: A story about a dog where the dog doesn't die at the end.

Hi, my name is Buddy, and I am a dog. But not just any dog, I am SUPERDOG (note the capitals) and I saved planet earth from an evil cat invasion, then I married Lassie, and went to the moon with Scooby Doo. And that's all before breakfast. Now you may have seen the cover and see a picture of an adorable dog, and think, I have seen books like this before. The dog always dies at the end. Well fear not, I am immortal!

Meet Buddy, a dog with an imagination, and a love for treats. He lives with his owner Mindy, and his goals in life are to have a cat-free world, marry Lassie, and be best friends with Scooby Doo. Here is his autoDOGography.

(Please tell me what you think, as I don't normally write in this style)


3. Chapter Two-my life as quickly as it can be described

 My life is lively. There that should do it.

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