My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


25. Twitcam

Louis is standing by the island in the middle of the kitchen, leaning against it as he answers questions

"I have to tell you something," He starts "El and I broke up today, only it was a mutual breakup... We both thought it would be best.."

I put the ice cream away and he looks at me annoyed I just shrug and smirk

"Rumors that I am the father of Niall's niece?" he looks at me and I nod "True, I am the father..."

I stay out of the frame and get down under the counter in front of him

I slowly unbutton and unzip his pants and he snaps under the table to get me to stop

I shake my head and take his length out. I slowly start to suck it "Did some one turn the heat on?" he says, pulling at his shirt

I start to suck faster and he looks away from the camera in agony that he can't moan "Okay guys, I need to go... I uh, I love you all bye" he shuts the laptop and lifts me off the ground

"That wasn't very nice"

"What? I thought you liked it" I smirk and he puts his hand in my pants, rubbing me

I moan and tilt my head back "Damn Hannah, you are wet... Who made you this wet?" I just moan and push myself into him

He starts to rub me harder and then fingers me "Oh fuck Louis" I breath and he picks me up, carrying me up to my room

He lays me on the bed and rops my pants and underwear off. He then takes my tanktop and bra off before he slams into me


I an loudly arching my back

he slams into me faster "Oh fuck Louis!! I-I'm gonna"

"Hold it'

I feel my walls tighten "I can't"

"Okay babe, go ahead" he says as his thrusts get sloppier and we both released

"God I missed you" Louis collapses next to me

I nod, trying to catch my breath as he kisses me


"Yes babe?"

"We didn't use protection did we"

He looks me in my eyes "It doesn't matter, if we do get pregnant I won't leave again and we will have a happy family" I smile and kiss him

"I love you Louis"

"I love you too Hannah"

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