My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


7. Spring Formal

Louis' Pov


"Louis?" she snaps her fingers in front of my face

"Oh! Sorry.... you look..... I uh.... you....just..."

"Wow, Louis is speechless? That's new" My mom laughs

"Shut up..." I look at Hannah "Shall we" I hold out my hand

"We shall"

We walk out to the car and I open her door for her, she gets in and I run over and get in my side, I drive to the school

When we get there I run over to her side and open the door for her, linking her arm with mine

We walk inside and everyone's eyes turn to us... Well her.... "Louis what are they looking at?"

"You" I smile as we walk to the middle of the dance floor "Care to dance?"

"I can't dance to save my life" She laughs

"And you think I can? Come on it'll be fun" I laugh as a slow song comes on, I put my hands on her waist and she puts her arms around my neck. She watches her feet but I put my hand under her chin and lift her head so she is looking at me

"Louis, you have no idea how thankful I am of you... No one has ever been this nice... I have lost everything, and Niall is the only family I have left now... When I bumped into you in the hallway I thought my life was over and I should've killed myself in the class room but then you decided to help me and I was so happy.... When I read those notes.... I started to cry because you felt the same way and I didn't know what to do... just thank y-" I cut her off by kissing her


Hannah's Pov


"just thank y-" I was cut off by his lips on mine

He pulls away "Stop saying thank you, it is all my pleasure... and Niall isn't the only family you have left.... you have my mom and my sisters, and now you have me. Okay? So stop saying thank you and just enjoy what you have, because there is a lot more to come"

I smile and bite my lip "Thank-" he gives me a look "Right....." I laugh and look down

He pulls my head back up and he looks into my eyes "Hannah, I have been wanting to talk to you since the day I moved here but I could never just grow a pair and walk over to you.... Whenever you looked at me and I wasn't looking at you was because I was looking at you, I just saw your head turn so I looked away.... I watched you out of the corner of my eye in class... I even told Mackena off a few times but nothing stopped her.... When I just kissed you, it wasn't to shut you up, well mostly it was" I giggle and push his arm playfully, he laughs as he continues "It was because I have wanted to kiss you for 3 years now.... And I couldn't wait any longer"

I smile and blush and look into his eyes "Louis...." I try to think of what to say but I can't so I just kiss him again, oh my fireworks

He smiles into the kiss and so do I before I pull away, resting my forehead on his "Hannah, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Hm..... I don't know...." I say teasing him

He just laughs and kisses me again, when he pulls away "I might need a little more convincing" I smirk

He kisses me again, only this one longer and deeper yet still gentle, when he pulls away I am breathless "Ye-yes..." I say trying to catch my breath


Mr. Doughty (Dotty) walks onto the stage "Listen up" he says into the microphone, if you're wondering who that is he is the teacher from my birthday, the one that gave me hug saying my mom would be proud

"Now, we don't usually do this but all of the teachers were talking and we saw some students that were already taking this role, so we thought we might as well give them their proper titles" He looks at me and winks.... What is he up to... I look at Louis "You're dressed like a princess.... what do you thing is going to happen?" he smiles down at me, I shake my head and look back at Mr. Doughty

"The first annual spring formal King and Queen are Louis Tomlinson And Hannah Horan" he says looking at me

"Now, being as Hannah already has a crown, we found an old prop crown for Mr. Tomlinson here" we walk onto the stage and I look down

He puts the crown on Louis' head "Now please clear the dance floor for their personal dance"

we walk down and a slow song turns on and we start to dance "You see what your beauty did? It started a new tradition" Lou says smiling down at me as he spins me

"My beauty? ha, you're funny"

"Why don't you believe you're beautiful, every one can see it"

"You are the only one who sees it..."

"Not after tonight" He spins me and I twirl around in a circle before landing back in Louis arms and he dips me as the song ends "Not ever again" he pulls me up and people cheer for us to kiss "You hear them, let's give 'em what they want" He pulls me close and kisses me, at that moment, it was just him and me in the room, no body else existed. He pulls away "Let's go home"

I nod and we walk out into the parking lot and that's when I see him. I freeze "You look just like her..." He says looking me over

My grip of Louis' hand tightens "Wh-what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in jail.."

"Did pathetic little Niall tell you that? Always was a liar"

"No! he is not a liar! And you need to stay away from us!"

"I missed you... " He stepped closer "I need my baby girl  back"

"No, I am not going back"

"You leave me no choice" He tries to jump me but is pushed back and tackled to the ground. Louis gets off of him and pins him down with his foot

"I will not go back and be your little.... Toy" I spat "things are different!!" The police come and take him away and Louis walks over and hugs me tightly, leading me to the car

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