My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


5. Niall's back

I start to cry in the middle of the lesson, did I mention that my birthday was also the anniversary of my mother's death? She died of cancer 3 years ago.

I hide my tears before Louis could see... Louis walked with me to lunch

We sit down at a separate table and I just pick at my food "Hannah, you have to eat something..."

"I'm not hungry..." I say pushing the food away

"You didn't eat lunch and took one bite of your dinner last night.... When was the last time you actually ate something?"

"Well living on the streets you don't exactly get a buffet handed out to you.."


"About 3 weeks ago..."
"Hannah, eat" Louis says seriously

"I told you I'm not hungry"

"Maybe you should listen to him" I hear a familiar Irish accent from behind me

I turn around "Niall!!" I jump up and hug him, he winces but hugs me back

I pull back and see a big bruise on his jaw, I lift his shirt to see it covered in bruises "Dear god what did he do?'

"He got himself put in jail" He says pulling his shirt back down

"What about you? Where are you staying?"

"Well they asked me if I had any other family and I said I had an older sister that would be 18 today so they told me to go to her... now here I am"

I look at Louis trying to say "Can he live with us?" through my eyes

He nods and I smile "Thank you Lou!!" I hug him kissing his cheek before turning back to Niall, who is looking from me to Louis and back at me, I know what he is thinking "No... Niall.... don't even think about it"

"But I gotta approve of him..." he wines

"You are my younger brother, it should be the other way around, only girls for you"

"Ugh!!! Fine, now sit down and eat" he says sitting down next to Louis, across from my seat

I sit " I am not hungry"

"Hannah., even before you ran away you still only ate once every few weeks, you are going to kill yourself... Now please eat, for me?"

"Ugh..." I pull my tray closer and start to eat damn I was hungry

"Oh!" I pull out my free lunch card and hand it to Niall "Go, just don't go crazy please"

"I love you" he kisses my cheek and goes into the lunch line

"You ran?" Louis looks at me

"I uh... I kinda lied about everything.... 3 years ago my mom died of cancer and my dad blamed it on me, he beat me for no reason and after about 2 weeks I couldn't handle it because he had been beating me for 2 years it just got worse, so I ran... I had no where to go and now here we are.."

Niall comes back with a tray full of food "I said don't go crazy" I say as he hands me my card

"I like food and I didn't eat breakfast" he shrugs sitting down

" I swear if he could marry food he would' I laugh looking at Louis

"Yes, yes I would.... That's a nice necklace"

"Oh uh.. thanks, Louis got it for my birthday" I smile

"Oh! that reminds me" he pulls a box out of his pocket "I found it in your old room and I have been trying to find you so I could give it to you, so happy birthday"

I look at him weirdly before opening it and I instantly cover my mouth, tears forming "N-Niall.... Where? H-how?"

"I was looking for some old pictures of you for a project and I saw this on your desk"

I stand up and go over hugging him tightly "Hey, you're blocking my food!"

"Shut up" I laugh and sit back down, you're probably wondering what it is that he gave me, well it is a bracelet that I made for Teddy, I was going to give it to her on our birthday, yes we shared a birthday but she died in a car accident

It has a charm that has a Teddy bear, a heart, a music note because we love music and a mom holding her baby

"I thought she was buried with it on..." I look at it and start to cry again

"No, she was buried it the one she made you"

"Thank you Niall" I say "Louis, clip it? Niall is too caught up in his food" I laugh as he clips it

"Sorry but who's Teddy?"

"I already don't approve Hannah... he knows nothing about you"

"We just properly met yesterday, shut up!!" I laugh and look at Louis "Teddy was and is my Twin sister, my only true friend that I had... She died in a car accident 4 years ago today" I look down at the bracelet "I was gonna give this to her but I never got the chance to..."

"Wow.... Hey Hannah... can I talk to you for a second?" He stands up

"Yeah sure.." I stand up and he leads me to his locker "What are we doing?"

"Well you know how you say that every year you get letters saying how worthless you are?" I nod "When you open your locker after lunch were there any other letters?"

"One every year, but it started 3 years ago.... I just left them on the ground, why?"

"Because not all of those notes were bad.... You weren't the only one telling your mom about a cute kid at school" he hands me 4 notes "The bottom three were the ones you left on the ground and the top on is this years"

I look up at him but he has already walked away "Hey Hannah, wanna go? I don't want to be here anymore and I talked to the office, that's why I am here" Niall walks up

"I uh... Louis is our ride, you have to ask him.." I say still looking where Louis was confused

"What are those?"

"I don't know.." I put them in my pocket and we walk back

Louis agrees and we leave "Niall, do you have any clothes?"

"Besides these? No"

"I think I have some that will fit you, we'll go shopping tomorrow" Louis says as we pull up to the house. I look at Niall to see he had the same expression I had yesterday

"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies" I say causing Louis to laugh, me using the words he used on me

"You can have the room next to Hannah" Louis says pointing to the door

"I think I'm gonna go do my homework" I say walking into my room closing the door

I pull the notes out and read the first on from 3 years ago


Hi, I don't know your name because well I just moved here but I heard it was your birthday and I wanted to say Happy Birthday!! I also wanted to say that you are really really pretty, I told my mom about you  and she told me to go after it but I thought you would never notice me.... well anyways, I gotta go before the teacher catches me!!! By!!


The Tommo


 I opened the next one, given on the same day


 Hi again, I heard about your mom being sick and in the hospital, just wanted to say sorry


The Tommo


My mom died that night


Hey, Happy Birthday again.... I gave you a note last year.... Doubt you read it. Just wanted to say how perfect you are, you get more beautiful every time I see you


The Tommo


I smile and read this years


Hey Hannah, I actually know your name this time!!! Haha

I know you are just in the room right across from mine but I think of this is a kind of tradition.  Happy Birthday!! Do you like your necklace? I hope so.... I saw how much you loved it when you saw it in the store yesterday..... Well, if you need anything, I am here... Always


I start to cry and there is a knock on the door "Hey Hann- What's wrong?" Niall rushes over to me

"Nothing.... These are tears of joy" I smile and look up at him

"Why are you so happy?"

"You remember that boy I told you about before I left... that one that I said was new and was really cute but I had no chance with him?"


"He lives right across the hall from me and he thought the same thing about me when he came here" I hand him the notes and he reads them

"What are you waiting for? Go get him!"
He smiles and I stand up.. I rush across the hall and knock on Louis' door

He opens it and smiles "Every thing okay?"

"Yes! I mean yeah... I uh..." I smile and walk in, sitting down on his bed "I read the notes... You were right, they aren't always bad ones" I look down at my hands as he sits next to me

"Then why are you crying?"

"Because, when you first moved here I couldn't stop thinking about you, I told my mom about you, I even told Niall about you...." I laugh "Every one saw you as the cute new kid, I didn't I saw your blue eyes and I couldn't stop thinking about them.... my heart would race when ever you came near... And I thought for sure that you never noticed me...that until yesterday, I was invisible to you, like I am to the rest of the world..." I look at the ground and start to cry even harder

"Well you were wrong, I couldn't help but notice you.... How you're gorgeous eyes were always full of fear and sadness" He tilts my head up so I am looking into his eyes "Right now, they are a bright, cosmic blue.... when I first saw you they were always grey... I saw how you always kept to yourself, how you looked at the ground as you walked, and I definitely noticed how before class you would have a bruise free face and then Mackena would walk over then you would walk into class with a bruise or a scratch, or you would be holding your arm in pain....  I never really liked her, no one else caught on but I did... I wanted to help but you were also the type that acted like she didn't need help, that she was always strong and never let her emotions show.... And I thought for sure that you would never notice me...."

At this point I was crying so hard, he pulled me into his chest "Hannah?"

"Hmm?" I reply, soaking his shirt with tears and make up

"Will you go to the Spring formal with me?" he rests his head on mine

I smile and bite my lip "Of course Louis" I pull back and look at him "But it's tomorrow and I don't have a dress..."

"Well good thing tomorrow is Saturday and my mom doesn't work, now isn't it?'

"Louis, you guys have done too much for me... seriously..."

"We haven't done enough, no go get some sleep and I'll talk to my mom about having a girls day tomorrow"

"Thank you Lou"

"If you need me, I am here... Always' he says kissing my cheek

"And Louis"


"The Tommo? Really?" we both laugh and I go to my room to sleep

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