My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


13. Niall gets bullied

Niall's Pov


I walk into the sophomore building and walk to my locker. This is my 4th day here and I hate it.... Now I know why Hannah hates it so much

"Hey dork... Where's your sister? In another coma?" Jake, my new 'bully' says walking up to me

Don't say anything, don't say anything.....

"What's next, she's going to have a mental breakdown and try to kill herself?" He laughs, little does he know that that is the reason she was in the coma

"Shut up" I say through gritted teeth

"Oh so he has a voice, you only speak for you big sissy? Are you gonna go home crying to little miss Hannah?"

"I said shut up!" I slam my locker, making him jump "Y'know? It's because of people like you that she was even in a fucking coma to begin with!! So shut the fuck up!!! And next time you say a word about her, it will be your last!!! Do you understand?!"

He just stands there shocked "I said do. you. understand?" I say quieter through clenched teeth

He just nods quickly "Good, now just do yourself a favor and stop bullying everybody, because it's not going to end well" I walk to my class

Great now every one is looking at me... shit...

"Hey Niall?" Maddie walks up to me, why the hell is the most popular, beautiful girl in the grade talking to me

"Y-yeah?" I look at her

"That was pretty impressive, what you did there... I haven't seen Jake that scared since he was 7 and getting yelled at by his parents" she laughs

I just chuckle a little and shake my head "He was pissing me off, no one talks about my sister and gets away with it"

"You really love her, don't you?" She says as we start to walk to class

"Yes, I do.... Can I trust you? I mean, like telling you why she was in that coma in the first place without you telling the whole school?" I look at her as we sit down in the back

"Of course" she smiles

"W-well... She is constantly getting bullied, she had enough... 5 years ago our mother was put into the hospital with cancer... When she left my dad blamed her.... he had already been beating her for years and she put up with it because she didn't want him to hurt me.... When my mom left it got worse... he started to do things that no 12 year old should experience.... I would hide in her room every night until she came in, ripped clothes barely covering her body.... 2 years later our mom died and she snapped... she ran away and was living on the streets for 3 years.... When she left my dad said that he had to punish someone and he took it out on me.... everything he did to her he did to me.... I eventually left a couple weeks ago and now here I am.... well when she found out that when she left that happened to me she tried to kill herself but Louis and I found her.... Louis took the scissors but she ran past us and ran downstairs and grabbed a bottle of pills, when Louis tried to take them she started screaming and she just went crazy.... It broke my heart... well when she calmed down we went to the living room but we forgot to patch up her arms and she lost too much blood and just blacked out.... out for 3 weeks..." I finished my story with tears in my eyes

"Oh my god Niall.... That's horrible... I honestly don't know what to say to that..." She hugged me

"Seeing her like that... I couldn't breath.... I thought I was going to loose my sister... if Louis hadn't stopped her then I would have... I couldn't even move let alone stop her..."

"Shhh... you don't have to talk about it anymore" she looks into my eyes

"Thank you, it really means a lot" I smile at her

"No problem..." she smiles back

"What's wrong with baby Niall?" Jake walks in

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I mutter under my breath

"Awe, are you crying? You gonna go cry to Mommy and Daddy?"

"That's it!!" I clenched my fist and punched him in the jaw, only to be punched in the gut, I cough up blood... bringing back the memory of the day Hannah left. I fell the floor holding my stomach

"You giving up hotshot?"

"Jake, just leave him the fuck alone!!" Maddie kneels down beside me "Are you okay?"

I shake my head and stand up, walking out of class as I wipe the blood from my mouth

"Niall!!" Maddie grabs my arm

"No, you don't have to talk to me... I know you wouldn't want to ruin your reputation" I pull my arm away

"I don't give a shit... I want to help you... tell me what's wrong?"

"When he pinned my up against the wall and punched me.... I couldn't help but think about the day Hannah left.... that's exactly what my dad did to me.... It brought back all the memories of when he would beat me and use me for his......pleasure" I spat the last word out through clenched teeth "I had to stop myself before I killed Jake...."

"Niall... it's going to be okay" she says looking into my eyes

"No it's not Maddie!! You don't understand!! It will never be okay!! Now I know why my sister wanted to die, people are cruel and don't care about anybody but themselves..." I turn and start to walk out of the school

"Where are you going?" She followed me

"To visit my family" I walk down the side walk until I get to the cemetery.... I stop in front of my mom's grave

"Niall...." Maddie says from behind me

I fall to my knees crying "Why did you have to leave mom? You were supposed to buy Hannah her own house far away from here so she could take me and leave... but you can't.... Why did the world take you from me? Why did they almost take Hannah? She is all I have left... the only thing keeping me here and she was almost taken from me...."

I rest my head on her tomb stone "Why..." I say quietly

"Niall..." Maddie kneels down beside me, putting her hand on my back "She is in a better place now, you have to know that she is happy now... and watching over you"

"How? How do I know she is? How do I know that she can see all the pain we are going through? Just tell me your there!! Please just a sign to know you're okay!!! That you are happy!!!" I shout looking at the sky "Anything...." I say softer

"Niall...?" I look at Maddie and she points to the tomb stone

The wind is blowing the dirt away showing a heart and a Lilly carved into it, underneath it says 'Always know I am there' "Those where her last words...." A single tear falls from my eye

"She is here, no matter what" Maddie says wiping my tear


Hannah's Pov


I come home and notice Niall isn't home yet, strange, he usually walks so he can clear his mind

I go up to my room with Louis when I hear the door open and close and laughs coming from downstairs

I run down and see Niall with a girl, shoving her playfully and laughing "Niall!! You're home!" I say with a smile as I run up and hug him tightly

"He sis" he holds me close

"And, whose this?" I step back and look at the girl

"This is Maddie, she kinda helped me when I was getting bullied by a douche..." he mumbles the last part, trying not to let me hear but I did

"What happened?"

"Well... this one kid... Jake, he kept on making fun of you and saying stuff about you and I got really mad so I yelled at him and he backed off then Maddie walked up and we walked to class together and I told her about everything, and I know I promised I wouldn't but I really needed to tell somebody and I am sorry, and then Jake came back in and called me a cry baby and told me to go run and cry to my mommy and daddy and I punched him and he punched me back then I ran out and I went to mom's grave and cried and Maddie was there to help me and I asked her if she wanted to come over for dinner because I know you are and amazing cook and I love you so much and please don't be mad at me" he says really fast

"Woah, slow down... a few things... first thank you for standing up for me second, you told he EVERYTHING?" I say with a bit of annoyance in my voice

"Yes, but you don't have to worry because I won't tell anyone, I just want to help Niall.. You have my word" she says smiling

I smile a bit "Third you got into a fight? Where did he hit you?"

"Stomach" He pulls his shirt up

"Is that where?"

"Yes... that's why I ran out.. because it all came flooding back to me...."

"Fourth, damn straight I am an amazing cook, and Maddie, you are welcome here anytime you like, fifth, I love you too and lastly I am not mad, just a bit annoyed but I'll get over it.... Now I am going to start dinner... Jay will be back with the girls from their trip tomorrow" I walk into the kitchen

"Louis!!!! Get your butt down here and help me with dinner!!!"

He runs down and sees me cutting up a head of lettuce. He wraps his arms around me from behind and lays his head on my shoulder

"Yelling isn't nice"

"Yeah, well not helping me make dinner for Niall's friend isn't nice" I say leaning my back against him


"Yes, he brought a girl home" I smirk "Finish making the salad" I say grabbing a plate of cookies and walk out to the living room

"Here you are, Niall please try not to eat like a..... well You in front of her please... it disgusts me and I have lived with it my whole life" I tease

"Shut up and sit down" he pulls me next to me

"But I left Louis with the cooking.... we don't want him to burn anything do we?"

"What is he making?"


"How can he burn that?"

"Remember yesterday?"

"Right.... Well, you might want to go..."

"Yup" I kiss his cheek and take the half eaten cookie out of his hand, taking a bite

"My cookie!!" He pouts

"Oh get over it, there is a plate full right there" Maddie says slapping him on the back of the head

"I like her already" I smirk and walk back into the kitchen

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