My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


22. I want to be the father of my child

When we get back to the house Louis walks up to me "We need to tell them that I am the father"

"Why? You said you don't care?" I snap

"Please. I may have walked out back then but that doesn't mean I will now... I want her the know that I am her father...  She can't live without a father"

"What makes you think that I want you to be her father? What makes you think I will let you back in?"

"Please... You don't have to like me but don't take my daughter away from me..."

"No!! Because you wanted to kill her before she was even born!!!! What in the name of hell makes you think I would let you lay a hand on her now!? Did you notice that I can tell that you read my messages over the last 3 years? Yet you never answered or helped!! I got kicked out of my place and when Niall found out he didn't fucking hesitate to let me move in!!"

"He is your brother!!"

"And you are her father!! You were ready to let your daughter live on the streets!!!! You want to be a part of her life?! Why were you so ready to let us live on the streets? I have done it before but she is a fucking 3 year old!! She deserves a nice family and a place to actually live!!! You can't expect me to let you into her life when you were going to take that away from her!!"

"What's with all the yelling?" Liam says as all of the boys and Eleanor
"Did I just hear you say that he is her father?" Eleanor says

"It wouldn't matter anyways, he isn't getting near my daughter" I say walking out and taking Lily upstairs

"Hannah!!" I hear Louis say trying to run after me

"Her father Louis?! What the fuck!! So when she was telling us about how much of a jerk he was doing that to her when he said he loved her she was talking about you?!" Eleanor screams

"El... Look I am sorry I didn't tell you, I just... I couldn't raise a child, I was only 18"

"So was I!!" I shouted down the stairs after putting Lily to bed

"Guys, Lily is sleeping, let's stop yelling, go in the living room and calmly talk about this" Liam says trying to fix it

"I don't want to talk to him" I say walking downstairs "I don't even want to look at him or anything that has to do with him" I grab the charm of the necklace and rip it off of my neck, breaking the chain and throw it at him before running out of the house


I hear footsteps running after me so I pick up the pace. I turn the corner and bump into somebody

"Sorry" I say before looking up

"Hey Sweet Heart" I hear the voice I never wanted to hear again

I look up and see my father's sickening grin

"D-Dad..." I step back

"Who are you running from?"

"Oh you know... YOU!!" I turn and run away and I can hear him chasing me

"Hannah!! Oh thank god!" I see Louis but I don't say anything and I just hide behind him

"What are you- Oh fuck' He says when he sees him

"Give her to me"

"No, you will never lay a hand on her ever again" He says stepping in front of me more

"And what are you going to do, it looks like she was running from you so why does she want to stay with you?'

"Because I will protect her"

"I am her father!!"

"You are a monster!!! A father wouldn't just do that to his daughter.... He wouldn't hurt her like that.. he would always be there for her no matter what.." His voice softens and he looks at me "And that's what I plan on doing for Lily... I plan on being there for her, I won't leave again, I promise" he says looking into my eyes "I promise" He repeats

I nod and hug him

He turns "Father or not I calling the police" he takes his phone out and in a matter of minutes the police show up and take him away

"Let's go introduce Lily to her father" I say walking back to the house

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