My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


6. Girls day out

"Hannah, wake up" I open my eyes to see Jay standing above me "Get ready, we're leaving in an hour"

I groan and roll over, not wanting to get up "Sweet heart, it's 11 o'clock, why are you so tired"

I just groan again and she laughs and walks out, I slowly fall back to sleep

"Hannah!!!" Niall comes in, jumping on my bed

"Ugh!!! Niall, get off!!"

"No!! Not until you wake up!!"

I sit up and push him onto the ground making him fall on his ass "I am up" I stand up and walk into my closet

"Okay" he runs out, closing the door

I get dressed into an oversized, grey sweater and black leggings with my hair in it's natural waves and a black beanie

"Hannah, you ready?" Jay walks in

"Yup" we walk out and go to the car and she drives us to the mall

We go into the dress shop and I look through all the dresses "Now, Hannah. I see you looking at the price tag once, I will force you to choose an even more expensive one, got it?"

"Yes ma'am" I laugh and I see a gorgeous pink dress, it has spaghetti strap sleeves, shite detailing at the top with a black cross belt and black undertone. The right side is shorter than the left

I gasp "Go try it on" Jay says from behind me. I walk into the dressing room and put it on, stepping out  only to see Jay and every one else in the store looking at me, including the workers

"What? Does it really look that bad?" I say looking into the mirror

"No honey, you look like a princess...." A worker walks up

I smile "Thank you"

"Ooh!! Stay here" she walks away and comes back with a small diamond tiara. I take my hat off and run my fingers through my dark brown hair

She puts the tiara on  and adjusts it "There, now you really are a princess" she says putting her hands on my shoulders from behind

I turn and look at Jay, she takes a picture with my phone and I immediately send it to Niall 'What do you think? And do not show Louis!!!! I will kill you if you do!!!'


Niall's Pov


I am playing Fifa with Louis when my phone goes off. I pause the game and pull my phone out of my pocket to see a message from Hannah

I look at the picture and gasp... tears forming in my eyes "What's wrong?" Louis tries to see my phone

"No!" I pull my phone out of his reach "I mean... nothings wrong... just something from Hannah"

"Then why are you about to cry"

"You will find out soon enough" I lock my phone and put it back in my pocket

She looks just like Mom did..... I remember that picture.... I shake my head and unpause the game


Hannah's Pov


We buy the dress and Jay insists that I buy the tiara because there isn't going to be a Queen and King at the dance but there can always be a princess, as she said it... we are about to leave after hours of shopping when I stop outside of the hair salon

"Hey Jay?"

"Yes hun?"

"Can we get my hair done?" I look at her "I've always wanted layers and blonde highlights"

"Of course sweet heart, let's go" she takes me into the salon and the lady sits me down and gives me swoopy bangs that cover my left eye, layers and blonde highlights. When I look into the mirror I smile and thank the lady before walking out

We get in the car and I twist my hair up and hide it in my beanie, making sure my bangs are tucked in
"What are you doing?" Jay laughs

"Lou is just gonna have to wait to see my hair, I don't want him to see it until I have my dress on and my hair and make-up done"

"Sweety you don't need make-up"

"Yes I do..." I look down

"No, you don't, now let's go inside.. we have 2 hours to get ready, I can do your hair and even though you don't need it, make- up if you'd like?" she says as we drive up to the house

"Yes please"

We get out and go inside only for my bags to be knocked out of my hand by Niall hugging me "You looked just like mom... beautiful as always" he whispers in my ear making me cry, I hold him tight "She would be proud of you y'know" He says pulling away looking into my eyes as he wipes my tears

"And she would be proud of you too" I say kissing his cheek before grabbing my bags and following Jay up to my room "Make sure Louis doesn't come into my room and doesn't see me until we says so!!" I shout down the stairs


We get in my room and Jay sits me down, curling my hair. After 1 hour and 30 minutes my hair is done and she does my make up, apparently she is just doing a natural look with just foundation, eye liner and mascara with a pink lipstick to match the dress.

I get into the dress and put on my black converse, after minutes of arguing with Jay that is

We are about to leave to go downstairs when Jay stops "Oh!" she walks back to the bags and pulls out the tiara, walking over and putting it in my hair "There you are princess, now" she walks to the door "Don't come down until I tell you to" she was about to walk out when I stopped her

"Thank you.. not just for this but for everything" I say hugging her

"No problem sweety now, come on" we walk to the stairs and I stop at the top, luckily the stairs have a bit of a twist to them so you can't see me from the bottom


Louis' Pov


I put my black dress pants, white t-shirt, suit jacket and dress shoes on... I am not getting too dressed up

My mom walks down stairs and I see a big smile on her face "Hannah!" she calls and that's when I see her.... She looks gorgeous, with her newly cut hair with blonde highlights. Her dress. Her eyes, how they sparkle, and to top it all of she has a tiara on to show the world that she really is a princess


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