My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


23. Do I still love her?

Louis' Pov


We walked back to the house and up to Lily's room

"Lily honey?' Hannah walks in

"Mommy!!" She jumps up and runs hugging her

"Honey were you jumping on the bed?" She looks over and sees the bed all messed up

"N-No..." Lily says looking at the ground

"Liliana-Grace... What have I told you about that? Do I need to go over the 5 little monkeys story again?" Hannah says seriously

"No mommy, I pwomise I won't do it again" she kisses Hannah's cheek and smiles

"Now, I think it's time for you to meet your daddy"

"Daddy?" She looks at her mom as she stands up

"Lily, this is your daddy" Hannah says as I kneel down next to her

"daddy?' Lily looks at me and I nod "Why haven't I met you before? My fwends' daddies were thewe when they wewe baybies..."

"Well darling... Because I made a stupid mistake on leaving the best thing that ever happened to me" I say looking at Hannah

"But" I sigh really big "I will be there for you" I poke her stomach and she laughs "Now come on munchkin, let's get you in bed and this time actually go to sleep" I pick her up and lay her down in the bed, tucking her in


"Night Daddy, Night Mommy"

"Night honey" We say at the same time before walking out


We walk downstairs and I see Eleanor sitting in the dining room with the rest of the boys "El, sweetie..." I say kneeling down next to her chair as she stares into space

"Why didn't you tell me" She says not looking at me


"Why didn't you tell me" she looks at me

I sigh and look her in the eye "Because it had nothing to do with us, sure I wanted to but it never came up... Eleanor... I love you with all my heart and I never meant to hurt you, please don't be mad at me"

Hannah walks out of the room "I'm not mad" She sighs

I smile and kiss her gently before walking out to see what is wrong with Hannah

I walk down the hall and see her sitting in the corner crying

"Hannah, what's wrong?" I say pulling her to stand

"What do you think is wrong? I loved you! I thought you were the man I was going to marry, you heard me say the minute I saw you I fell in love and you are asking me what's wrong?! I am still hopelessly in love with you and you love her with all your heart!!! What do you expect me to do?! Throw a party for myself and dance on a rainbow!!!??"

"Hannah..." I don't know what to say

"Save it... Because it doesn't matter, you obviously love her, you are going to marry her one day... You don't love me anymore, if you ever did..." She kisses my cheek "We'll just be friends with a kid" She walks away

The spot where she kissed my cheek tingles, sparks flew when she did that.

I bring my hand up to touch the spot her lips were.... Eleanor never makes me feel that way

Can it be... Do I still love her?

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