My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


10. Coma

Hannah's Pov


Darkness.... I was in a pit of darkness. I look around and all I see is pitch black... My eyes are closed!!! That's why.... I try to open them only for them to be weighed down..

Was this what it was like to be dead?

No, I can't be dead, I promised Niall

That's when I heard it "Hannah..... You probably can't hear me but I'm just reminding you of the other promise you made me that day... you promised me that you would always be there.... you can't break that promise... I need you here.... I will kill myself if you break that promise.... Please just give me a sign that you are still there... that you won't die" I try so hard but I can't

"Do you promise me you will stay with me? Please... Squeeze my hand if you promise me to never leave me again...." I pulled up all of my energy and squeezed his hand, not letting go... I held onto my brother's hand for dear life


Niall's Pov


Please... Squeeze my hand if you promise me to never leave me again" I cry and then I feel her hand hold mine and squeeze it. I gasp and look up at her

"Hannah? Hannah?" I look at her face "Louis, come here" he rushed over


"Sh-She squeezed my hand..."

"What? We have to tell the doctor"

"Wait!!" I stop him "We need to get her to wake up"


I think for a minute "You... talk to her...."

He takes my place and holds her hand that is now limp


Louis' Pov


"Hannah? Okay... where do I start? When I saw you that day 3 years ago.... my heart stopped.... I didn't know what to think.... when you told me what your dad did to you I wanted to rip his head off, no one deserves that. When I read that note.... I nearly died.... you scared me.... when I saw you acting that way..... it broke my heart.... it- it..." I take a breathe through my sobs "It broke me... I don't think I will ever look at any of those people at school the same again.... I can't get you yelling at me and kicking me trying to get out of my grasp to get to the pills out of my mind... When I saw you passed out in Niall's arms I think I stopped breathing... I almost passed out" I cry even more, tightening my grip "Hannah... I fell in love with you the minute I saw you walk through that door when I moved here... I fell in love with the strong girl who slept on a park bench but still survived for 3 years with no help... I fell in love with the girl that had the courage to take that from her father to save her brother and had the guts to run, I fell in love with the weak, broken girl that I knew from the minute I saw her I had to fix her... I fell in love with that princess that I saw walking down the stairs before the dance.. I fell in love with you.. I love you Hannah Horan"


Hannah's Pov


After I heard him I had to wake up, I had to force myself. I slowly open my eyes to see bright lights. I quickly close them, no Hannah... open them... tell them you are awake. I open my eyes and blink a few times before looking around the room to see my brother crying in a chair and Louis with his head on top of our hands that are entwined together. I squeeze his hand.. afraid of using my voice. His head shot up and looked at are hands then he looked at my face to and his eyes widened when he saw me staring at him "Hannah!!!"

"H-hey Lou" I smile finding my voice

"Wait!! Hannah?!" Niall bolts up and goes to my other side "Hey my little leprechaun" I smile at him

"Doctor!!" Louis shouts not leaving my side

The doctor rushes in and sees me awake "Oh good, you're awake...Now you boys are going to have to leave so I can ask her a few questions.."

"No! I uh... I want them to stay..."

"Oh okay.." He says writing something down

"Okay, Hannah..... When were you born?"

"April 8 1995"

"What is your brother's name?"

"Niall James Horan"

"What is the last thing you remember"

"Sitting on the couch talking to Niall about Louis and then I got really dizzy, Niall held my hand as I fell to the ground then everything went dark"

"Okay... do you know what today is?"

"H-How long was I out?"

"3 weeks"

"S-so... today would be.." I think about it in my mind 'May 2nd?"

"Yes... good... now you can go home whenever you feel ready"

"Thank you doctor" I sit up

"You ready to go?" Louis asks me


Niall hands me the pajamas I was wearing that night

"You couldn't even bring me actual clothes? Thanks" I joked

"Whatever.. We'll let you get changed" They walk to the door as I get out of the bed, once Louis is out I stand up and almost fall but Niall catches me

"You okay?" I nod

"Can you help me? I don't think I can move with out falling"

"Sure" He untied my hospital gown and let it fall to the ground and helped me get dressed

"Ready?" I nod and we walk out of the room

Niall puts his arm around my shoulders and Louis puts his around my waist "Oh Louis?" I say as we walk to the car

"Yes love?"

"I love you too" I lay my head on his shoulder

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