My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


3. Birthday

He takes me into a big room with a queen size bed, a desk with a laptop on it and a huge walk in closet... I look and see a bathroom attached to it and a balcony

"Wow..." I look around....

"This is your room, my room is just across the hall, oh and I should warn you now, do have 4 sisters" he says it as if it's a bad thing which makes me laugh



So after I met all of his sister I decided to go to bed without dinner, I am used to not eating dinner and I don't want to intrude on their family time

I go up to my room and sit on my bed and look around, tomorrow I turn 18... At least I have some one to celebrate with

I grab my scissors and walk into my bathroom... I have to, I am still miserable... I cut my other arm 3 times before I hear a knock on the door "Just a second" I hide the scissors and quickly cover them up like I did the other ones

I open the door and see Louis sitting on my bed "Hey..." I sit down next to him

"I brought you some food, since you came up here without dinner"

"Th-thanks.." I start to eat

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. yeah why wouldn't I be?"

"Well because you are stuttering and you seem scared.." then he looks at my arm, I look down and see that the bandage wasn't covering them completely "Hannah..." he takes my arm and pulls me to the bathroom, getting the first aid kit

"Give me both arms"

I hold them out and he takes the bandages off, cleaning them 'You need to stop.."

"But why? It relieves the pain"

"But if you kill yourself by doing this, other people will be hurt"

"No one cares enough"

"That's not true..."

I look at him as he puts actual bandages on my arms after cleaning the cuts "This isn't the only resort... you could always try talking to some one"

"Like who?"

"Me?" He stands up

"You don't want to hear about my problems..."

"That's not true, I want to help"

We walk out and sit on my bed again

"Can we just not talk about it right now?"

"Sure, now go to bed, don't want to be tired on your birthday" He smiles standing up

"Wait, can you.. can you um... stay? At least until I am asleep.."

He chuckles and nods as I lay down and pull the covers over me. He lays down beside me and pulls me close "You are safe now, the only thing harmful to you is yourself" he whispers and with that I was out


Louis' Pov


I wake up  in the morning with Hannah in my arms, I smile and get up, not wanting to wake her and I go downstairs to see my mom cooking a special breakfast, I told her it was Hannah's birthday

"Hey mom"

"Hey boo, your breakfast is on the table, when you're done you can bring Hannah her birthday breakfast"

"Thanks um" I kiss her cheek and sit down to eat my breakfast, when I am done I take Hannah's tray and walk upstairs to her room. I knock on the door "Come in" she says

I walk in to see her curling her hair, wearing a light pink summer dress with a black leather jacket and black boots "Special birthday breakfast, compliments of my mom..." I laugh as I set the tray down on her bed

"Thanks" she smile turning the curling iron that I got her off

"I'm gonna go get ready for school, meet me downstairs, I have a present for you"

"Louis, you don't have to, I mean you've already done enough"

"I want to"


I cut her off "Love, you don't have much of a choice" I walk out and get dressed and ready for school.. I walk downstairs to see her waiting by the door with the phone my mom got her for her birthday after she fell asleep

"Hey" she looks up and smiles

"Ready to go?" she asks

"Yes, but first, time for your present" I step closer

"Turn around and close your eyes"

"Okay.." she did what I said and I put the necklace on her neck and clipped it

"Open" she does and looks down


"You said you liked it, and I could tell how much you wanted it... so Happy Birthday" I smile

"Thank you" she hugs me

"Now, you ready to go to school?"

"No.... but we have every class together and our lockers are close so I guess you'll always be around me" we walk out to the car

"What, first... Scissors" I hold my hand out to her once we get into the car



"Ugh..." She puts the scissors in my hand and I put them into the glove box. I start driving

We get to school and we get out of the car "Louis, every one's staring... I don't like this..."

"It's fine, do you really want to mess with them?" I smile

"Sure" she looks up at me

I put my arm around her as we walk and she leans here head on my shoulder, I walk her to her locker

"I-I don't want to open it..."


"Because every year on my birthday there are notes in it saying how much of a mistake I was and that I should just go kill myself"

"Do you want me to look?" I look into her eyes

She nods and  I open her locker, notes come pouring out "See.." she says quietly

I pick all of them up and throw them away "Nothing on those notes it true... No need to read them" I say handing her the books she needs

"Thanks" she smiles and we walk to class "Louis, I don't like how every one is staring at us.."

"it's because they aren't used to seeing you looking this gorgeous" I look at her as we enter the class room

"Thank you" she hugs me

"For what?"

"Every thing" she says and I can feel her tears in my shirt.. I hold her tightly, resting my head on hers

"It was and is my pleasure.... Just know that when you said that no body cares... I do" I say when she pulls away

She smiles and I kiss her cheek as we walk to our seats, sadly she sits in the back corner and I sit in the front but I can still keep an eye on her

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