My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


12. Art Disaster

Niall' s Pov


When I get to the school, I go here now.. Yay.... I walk into Mr. Doughty's room "Excuse me? Mr. Doughty?" I knock on the door

"Yes son?"

I walk over to him "I was just wondering if it was too late to enter something in the art competition"

"I'm afraid so.. have to wait 'til next year sorry"

"Oh, no... It's not for me... It's for my sister.. She doesn't want any one to know she entered until the last round, if she gets in"

"And who is your sister?"
"Hannah Horan sir? She has been very sick in the last 3 weeks and she couldn't sign up and I was just wondering if you could have a look at her drawings and see if you change your mind" I hand him the sketch pad

"Oh... My.... these are drawings?"

"Yes sir..."

"Okay.... well, I can definitely say she's in.."

"Thank you, and please don't tell any one she is entered"

"Will do son... you know you are a great brother doing this for her"

"Well I have a great sister that I love very much... The entrees are the first three in there sir.."

"Well thank you for showing me and I wish the best of luck to her" he smiles

"Thank you sir"

'Niall? What are you doing in here?" Hannah walks in with Louis

"Just talking to Mr. Doughty here about some artsy things..." I look at her and wink

"Thank you" she mouths to me

"Well, I better be off to class then..." I give her a hug "You are going to win, I know it" I whisper in her ear before kissing her cheek and walking out


Mackena's Pov


I was walking into the class room when I saw Hannah's brother in there

"It is actually for my sister.... She was sick and wasn't able to enter.."

No, she can't join.... I am going to win this

He walks out... I will win this competition


Hannah's Pov


I am going to lunch when I hear on the announcements that Mr. Doughty needs to see me

I walk in "Mr. Doughty?"

"Uh... darling.... there seems to be an issue with your drawings..."

"And that is?"

"Well the first 2 go through but when I went to go get the 3rd one, I found this" he shows me my book, drenched in water and paint

"No!.... " I grab the book at look through it "All of them are ruined...." I start to cry and I fall to my knees "All of my life from the last 3 years is gone...."

"Darling.... if it helps I have a drawing pad that I was waiting to give to some one special... and I think I know who it belongs to now" he hands me an old fashioned drawing book with the words "See it to believe it" on the front

" Thank You Mr. Doughty"

"I am sorry about your drawings hun... are you sure you don't have another one?"

"No I- wait" I grab my bag and pull out the one I drew of Louis when he first moved here "I was supposed to enter it that year but I never finished it...."

"Do you think you could finish it and have it done before lunch is over?"

"Y-yes.. can I sit in here and finish it?"

"Of course"

I stand up and sit down at a desk. This is a drawing of Louis leaning up against a tree in the park, listening to music as he messes with his phone... I add the last detailing to his hair and write the words 'My guardian Angel" in big, bubble letters at the bottom

"Here you are Mr. Doughty" I hand him my drawing and I wipe the last of my tears

"Thank  you dear, and good luck" I nod and walk out with my ruined drawing pad

I look at Mackena when I walk into the lunch room, she is smirking at me

I look at my ruined drawing pad and march over there, slamming it down in front of her "You couldn't let me be fucking happy?! This was my entire life for the last 3 years!!! And you fucking ruined it!! What the hell did I ever do to you?! Do you know that I almost bloody killed myself because of you? I  was in a coma for 3 weeks because of the things you said to me!!! This art competition was the only thing I had left!!!"

"Well then I guess you have nothing"

"Oh, you don't know just how wrong you are.... I think it's time to fight fire with fire...." I grab the drawing pad and walk over to my table to see only Niall sitting there

"What was that about?"

I slam the drawing pad onto the table "It's gone Niall... Everything that I drew.... I had drawings from when we were kids, I had the only picture of mom, I drew her laying in the hospital bed and now it's all gone..." I start to cry and put my head in my hands

"Oh my god" he rushes over and holds me tight "It's okay... that competition means nothing... you don't need to be in it"

"Oh, I am still in it.. I entered a drawing that I kept in my purse.... Mackena may think she can ruin this but she can't"

"What's wrong" Louis says once he walks over

"Nothing.... Just things going wrong"


After lunch the awards for the competition take place, before that the students get to walk around the school looking at the art that is in the auditorium and gym

I walk in with Louis and we look at the ones in the gym first. After an hour of that we go to the auditorium. We look through the drawings and paintings and sculptures but I can't find mine.


"Can every one please be seated" Mr. Doughty says

We sit in the front row

"Now there may be one or two of you who entered that do not see your art work.... That is because with the request of some one else, you are anonymous until the awards... Now the third place winner is...." He goes through third and second

"The first place winner.... is the only one not on exhibit tonight..... before I say the winner" I sit up when he says not on exhibit "The person that drew this had a tough time... her entry for this round along with all of her art work was ruined... but she didn't give up... she took an old unfinished drawing and sat there through lunch and finished it... now we always show a picture of the art work before the winner is announced so" he puts my picture on the screen and I cover my mouth

"Told ya" Niall says into my ear

I shove him playfully "Now, the winner of this competition and a prize of getting her art work put into a world famous art book (Don't know any names) and the creator of My Guardian Angel is.... Hannah Horan" I look at Louis to see him looking up at the screen. I walk up and hug Mr. Doughty before taking my framed drawing

I walk back down "C-can I see that?" Louis says pointing to the picture in my hand

I hand it to him "When did you draw this?"

"The day you moved here... That was my favorite tree and I saw you standing there and I couldn't resist"

He starts to cry "Why are you crying?"

"Because I remember watching a girl drawing and glancing up at me so I figure she was drawing me... I was a bit creeped out but I made sure not to move until the girl had left... Now I know that that girl was you"

"So you were posing for me?" I laugh

"In a sense yes.." He laughs and pulls me close "I love you"

"I love you too" he kisses me

"PDA children" Mr. Doughty walks up laughing "Hannah, I managed to save a drawing before the book got ruined... I would've entered it but I didn't think you wanted other people seeing it" he hands me the drawing of my mother

I gasp and hug him "Thank you thank you thank you"

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