Everything Has Changed

Minna and her bestfriend Janna are Directioners.They both love boy named Harry.One day they went to One Direction's concert.Minna and Janna have never imagined that the boys will notice them.From that moment everything has changed.


5. Twins

Six months later

Everything is perfect.Baby is growing up.Harry doesn't know that he is going to be dad.Today i am going to find out if baby is girl or boy.

"So.....are you ready?"-doctor said.


"Looks like you have twins."

"Twins?!"- i said.

"Yes.A boy and a girl."

"What?!"- i laughed.

Ha,i am going to have twins.I always wanted to have them.How i am going to name them?Harry likes name Darcy for girl,he said that.Oh anyways i have two months.And i am not going to tell Harry for that.If they'll ask who is their dad i will say that he died.

Two months later

"You are eating like an idiot!"-Janna yelled.

"I don't know,they want food."-i said.

"Huh anyways,how you are going to name them?"-Janna smiled.

"Umm....Harry likes name Darcy for baby girl,so it's Darcy."

"What about baby boy?"-Janna asked.

"Harry."-i said.

"Harry?Like father?"-Janna said confused.

"Yeah..Harry Junior Styles and Darcy Anne Styles."

"Anne?Like his mum?"

"Yes.Wait,what's your problem?!"

"Nothing,just if he found out for them,how you are going to say that they aren't his?"-Janna said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean,he will know they are his,becouse you gave them names what he likes,i mean Harry Junior and Darcy Anne.And then Styles.I mean,ok he isn't only one whos surname is Styles but..."

"Oh come on!"

"Ok,but.I said that to you.Just to know."

"You know what?"- i said.


"If you don't like it.."-i started but then i remembered when Zayn said -if you don't like it-.Ugh..



"Oh..okay.Wait you are not Directioner anymore?"-Janna looked at me.

"I don't know."




"Can you say something that isn't -what-?Anyway can you please go buy some ice cream?"

"Mummy is again hungry?"

"Yeah.But can you?"

"Oh okay okay."



"Big one please."



"Yummy.This ice cream was good.Love it."-i said."One more?Please"







"What happened?"



Janna's p.o.v.


Oh,no.I am going to call her mum.


"What?"-Jessy yelled.

"Come!"-i yelled back.

She came and we went to hospital.


"Doctor!"-David,her dad yelled.

"Yes sir?"

"My daughter?"

"Oh,she's fine."

"Twins?"-Jessy yelled

"They are fine too."

"Oh thanks God!"- i said smiling.

"When we can see them?"- David asked.

"You can see them now."

We entered Minna's room.She was on bed with twins.They are so cute.

"So,Darcy and Harry?"-i asked.

"Yes"-she smiled.

Harry's p.o.v.

I was with the boys in studio.I don't why,but i have feeling that something is happening.Weird,isn't it.Zayn told me what he done months ago.Yes,i was so angry.Minna is not answering my phone calls,so i can't find her.

"Harry!Again you!"-Manager shouted.


"It's your solo,Solo Harry solo."


"No,what's your problem?!"



"I said NOTHING."

"Harry!"-he yelled.

"Ohhh i am leaving!"

"Where are going?!"-he yelled again."Harry!"

I don't know what's with me.I have feeling.I feel like i am complete.Weird.

Minna's p.o.v

We arrived home.I placed Darcy and Harry in their crib.I just hope that they will not ask me about their dad.


I hope you like it.ha.Please like and favourite.

-Love,Minna.:D xx


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