Everything Has Changed

Minna and her bestfriend Janna are Directioners.They both love boy named Harry.One day they went to One Direction's concert.Minna and Janna have never imagined that the boys will notice them.From that moment everything has changed.


2. Camping

What the?!He just asked me for my phone number.OMG.is this dream or?

"Sorry,what?" - i said.

"Your number.Can i have it?"-he said and smiled.

"Ugh...i don't kn"-i was interrupted by him.

"Come on.I am not biting."-he said and i laughed.

"Okay.Here it is."-i smiled and gave him my number.

He just smiled and said-"Ok,see you soon."

I was about to leave when he yelled.

"Hey...girl....can you go with me?"

"Where?And by the way my name is Minna."

"Oh such a beautiful name." he smiled."Will you go with me to London?"

What?I was shocked.Harry Styles the man of my dreams just asked will i go with him to London.wow.i was going to say yes but what about my dad,Janna,my mom?

"But what about my family?Where i am going to live,what i am going to eat?'

"Don't worry about that.And you can ask your parents."-he smiled again.

Oh,damn it Harry Styles!Why are you smiling?You know that i will die becouse of that smile!Oh.

"No,i will not ask them."- i said.

"So that means yes?"-he smiled bigger.

"Ummmm..yes."- i said and smiled to him.

We left Arena and went to the airport.I can't believe that i am with the boys.

"So,urm,what's your name love?"-Zayn said with smile on his face.

"Minna." i smiled back.

"Cool name."-Louis said.

"And...."-Niall started.

"What are you doing here?"-Liam finished.

"Oh...I...i mean.."-I tried to say,but Harry was faster than me.

"I took her."

"Special reason?"-Niall asked.

"Urm.."-Harry mumbled and looked at me up and down.''Well,yeah"

I was about to smile when my phone beeped.


Where are you?!

Oh no.It started.


I'm safe.Don't worry.


What that means?You are safe?Where are you!

I won't answer.Everything is perfect i don't need my dad.i am safe.Boys are around me.


Two days later


My family care more than ever.Every minute i got new text.But everything went perfect in this two days with the boys.Niall and me.I think he is going to be my new bestfriend.Yeah,Niall Horan.Zayn i cool,but he doesn't care of me.Liam.Ha that boy is amazing.I love him.Louis loves to joke.He is so funny.Harry wasn't with us.I mean he was when we arrived in London,but than he had to go somewhere.I missed him.

I heard my phone rings.On sreen was Harry's name.

"Hello?"-i answered.

"Hello Minna,how ya doin'?"

"Well..drop it.When are you coming?"

"Umm.I am outside the house with the boys.Come here!We are waiting for you,and yeah took some clothes and bikini!"-he said and pressed end.

Hhh weird,isn't it?I opened my wardrobe and took some clothes as he said.I left house and saw boys talking.

"Finaly!"-Zayn said.Yeah he doesn't like me.

"What's wrong?We are moving?"-i said.

Harry smiled and took my hand.We sat in van.

"Where we are going?Someone say me!"- i yelled.

"Camping!" - they all yelled.they are like little kids.haha

"Campng?!"- i screamed.

"Yes.If you don't like it go back to house!"-Zayn yelled with anger in his voice.He scares me.

"Zayn!"-Harry yelled back.

"What is now!"- Zayn shouted again.

Harry stoped van and turned to face Zayn.

"Hey!Look she is my.." - he stoped.i was shocked.what was he going to say?girlfriend?no ofcourse.

"What is she?"-Liam looked at Harry.

"Umm..Minna will you be my girlfriend?"-Harry said staring at me.

"W-what?"-i said shocked.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"-he repeated.

"I-i..you k-know..we are 'friends' if i can say that,just for two days.and now you want me to be your girlfriend?"- i said.

"Please.I can treat you like princess,just let me know you better,ok?"-he looked like lost puppy.he was so cute.

"Umm...okay,but.."-i said.

"Please....."-he smiled.

"Oh okay."-i smiled back.

"Hello lovebirds!We want to go camping!"-Louis yelled.

Harry smiled and continued to drive.


Lol i know this was annoying,but ,i promise next one will be better.Please like and favourite.

Love,Minna.:) xx








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