Everything Has Changed

Minna and her bestfriend Janna are Directioners.They both love boy named Harry.One day they went to One Direction's concert.Minna and Janna have never imagined that the boys will notice them.From that moment everything has changed.


1. One Direction's concert

"Minna!Come here!"-I heard my mom yell.


"I can't now!"- I yelled back.


"Oh just come!" i heard her voice yell again.


"Oh!" - I frowned and walked to her.


"Here she is.Finaly." - My mom smiled to my dad.


"What's wrong mom?Be quick i was listening One Direction's songs." - I frowned again.


"Hhhh okay.Dad and I have something for you." - Mom smiled and grabbed something from her bag.hhh so weird.What that can be?

"Okay so,here it is." - she said and walked closer to me.

She smiled and gave me an envelope.I opened it and started screaming.OMG there were 2 tickets for One Direction's concert in my country.I gave my parents hug and walked fastly to my room.I grabbed my phone and called my best friend.I know her for just one year but,yeah,she's special.

"Hello?" - I heard her voice.


"Hey Janna i have some amazayn news!" - I shouted.


"Ugh..what's that,and you don't need to yell." - she said calmly.


"My parents gave me tickets for the concert!I'm gonna meet them!" - i yelled.


"What?" - She yelled.


"My parents gave me tickets too!" - She said.

I couldn't believe.She has too?Huh anyways.

"So i think we are going together,ha?" - i said.


"Yes,if Mrs.Never Styles,whants that." - she said and laughed a bit.


"Look,stop calling me like that!But anyways see you soon.Bye!" i said with anger in my voice.



Why she has to call me like that.ugh that's reason why we are fighting sometimes.


June 6.


So,today is 1D's concert.i am so excited.and i finished school for this whole year.


From:Janna BFF

I am outside your house.xoxo 


To:Janna BFF

ok.lol xoxo


"Mom!I am leaving!Dad!" - i yelled.


"Oh is Janna outside?" - My mom said leaving kitchen.


"Yes,where's dad?"-i said.


"Here!" - my dad said.


"Ok,have fun on concert,and David take care of her!" - my mom yelled entering kitchen again.

My dad id always like - you don't know people.they can kidnap you,they can do bad things.- . Yeah dad i know.but this is One Direction's concert there will be just teenage girls.oh i am going on concert with my dad.just like little kids.great!


On concert...


We are in Arena,and yeah i was the only girl whos dad came with her.oh.thanks daddy.Another problem was that Janna is in the first place and i am in 14. one.huh.the boys will notice her,but me....yes,yes i am jelaous of my best friend.

I was deep in thoughts,when i heard Harry's voice.omg i was waiting for this moment very long time.As i said i was on 14. place and that wasn't good becouse they can't see me and i can't see them.i mean i can see them but one girl was taller then everybody.ugh.


It was last song and it was Little Things.I cryed loudly and i didn't look at the boys.They were in public.But then i felt green eyes who are staring me.Yeah it was the best feeling i ever felt.I turned to face that boy,and then i was like omg.Harry Styles is staring at me.Then came his solo,and he started to sing.He saw my dad and smiled to him.And after that he took my hand.My dad was little bit angry but i didn't care.This was moment i was waiting.Harry was singing and walking with me to the stage.We were next to Janna when he sang:

"You still have to squeeze in to your jeans,but you're perfect to me"

When he sang taht you're perfect to me he was looking at me.my face was fully red.i saw Janna.she was full of anger.she was jelauos.ha.
When song finished boys walked in backstage,and Harry took me with him.i was going to die.He sat on the chair and asked for my phone number.


well,that was chapter 1.And i hope you like it.Next will be much more better.And sorry about my english.haha.:D.Please like and favourite.It's my first movella.xd



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