Love at first sight!

"Dear Diary, Today I met the CUTEST GUY EVER..."
This is the story of two best friends, who fall in love wih the same guy, who is EXTREMELY CUTE!!! Their journey continues all the way through high school, but one day, something terrible happens..... Carry on reading to find out the tragic twist in this story!




"Dear Diary, Today I met the CUTEST GUY EVER! I am sooo obssessed about him, I can't tell you how obessed I am! Ariana's into him as well. I think he's called Aaron, but I'm not sure. I'll try and talk to him later, but it might be kind of hard... you know..."

That was how the day ended, with a romance entry into my diary. Oh, by the way, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Melody, I go to St.Teresa's high school and I'm in year 7! I'm really into him you know... Aaron! He is SO ADORABLE! I met him at school today! It was the Year 6 induction day. Yeah, you might think that that's a bit awkward, him being in Year 6, but I don't really care. Well, I'm not even sure if he's even called Aaron, but that's what I'll call him for now. He'll be coming tommorow as well, so I'll give a shot at talking to him! 

When we were walking home today, Ariana was talking about him so much! She probably LOVES him like hell! Well, its' time to go to bed now, but I sure do hope that I will get to talk to Aaron...

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