My english work

This is just some work that I have copied up from my english book because I though it was good and so did my dad. I cant say the same for my sister because she thinks everything I do is bad.


7. The old place

It had recently rained so the old track was wet and muddy. You could just pick out the faint outline of a couple of horse shoe prints on the ground, but they were quickly fading. The trees that towered around me were once bright, green and full of life, but not anymore. This place used to be magical, it used to be the best place ever, it used to be wonderfull, but you wouldn't think that now. You would think its always been like this, wet, muddy, dull, lifeless, dead. I remember this place fondly, I used to come here everyday, me and Scarlett, but she's long gone now. I shake my head, banishing the memories. I urge Ella forward, both of us trying to forgot what a lovely place this used to be, how many of our days we spent here with Scarlett. We try to forget Scarlett, send the memories to the back of our minds, to put them under lock and key, but we can't. We walk on, leaving this place behind, with a trail of hoof prints in our wake.

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