My english work

This is just some work that I have copied up from my english book because I though it was good and so did my dad. I cant say the same for my sister because she thinks everything I do is bad.


4. The New Home

I sat, huddled away from people, civilization, my head in my hands, trying not to cry. The grey clouds gathered over head, matching my even greyer mood. I couldn’t stop thinking, about it, about my life. I heard footsteps approaching; rustling the leaves that littered the ground. I tried moving backwards, into the shadows, so as not to be seen. “What’s the matter?” I heard a familiar voice say. I look up to see my sister, starring right at me, with kindness and a touch of anxiety in her eyes. “I’m lonely,” I replied, whipping away my tears. "Ever since we moved here I have been so lost and confused.” She crouched next to me on the cold, dirty pavement and put a reassuring hand on my back. “That’s totally normal,” she started, looking me in the eyes. “Don’t worry; I’m sure everything will be fine.”

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