My english work

This is just some work that I have copied up from my english book because I though it was good and so did my dad. I cant say the same for my sister because she thinks everything I do is bad.


5. The locket

I neal down to see what was glinting in the morning light. The twigs crack and the leavs rustle as I gentle neal on them. I look around, searching, as I have momentarily lost sight of my shining object. It comes back into view as the dapled morning sun light re-apears. I reach out for it cautisly and slowly, I pick it up. As I stand, I tilt the object so it will catch the morning light. I relise that what I am holding in my hand is a golden locket. I stare at it, mezmorized, as the gold catches the light, and the delicate, detailed desighn carved onto the surface of the gold reveals itself to my glowing, amber eyes.

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