My english work

This is just some work that I have copied up from my english book because I though it was good and so did my dad. I cant say the same for my sister because she thinks everything I do is bad.


1. My Mum

I sit by your side,

I can see you,

But you can’t see me,

You were as beautiful as the summer sky,

But nobody can see that now,

You don’t deserve to be here,

In this run down old place,

You’re lucky you don’t have to see it,

You should be somewhere that you loved,

Somewhere beautiful, somewhere open and green,

Maybe you should be scattered about the place you loved,

Not stuck here forever,

You should be free,

You should be in the country you love,

Not left here to battle against nature,

Against the wind and the rain,

Against the invading creatures that move your stones,

You should have your own place,

You shouldn’t have to share,

You deserve to be free,

If you were free I may not be able to see you that often,

But I don’t care,

You would be free,

That’s all that matters,

I don’t want you gone,

I want you back,

But I can’t have you back,

So you should be free,

You deserve to be free.

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