My english work

This is just some work that I have copied up from my english book because I though it was good and so did my dad. I cant say the same for my sister because she thinks everything I do is bad.


2. 40 Years Later

I pulled down the rusty handle and slowly opened the creaking door, I gazed upon the place which had once been my bedroom but now was unrecognisable. The curtains still hang over the window, dreary as they were. I flicked the dusty light switch and only one light lit up. I heard the buzz of the fan as it started, throwing dust everywhere. I walked to my light, carefully avoiding the mess I had left behind, and turned off the fan. I turned and gazed at my bookshelf, everything thick with dust. The spines of the books had faded so I could not read the names, but I still remembered when I had neatly organised them and carefully memorised their place. I cast my eyes upward to my models of Bigben and the Eifel tower, now just dusty grey buildings that blended in with the dusty grey background.

I walked to my bed, still unmade, I can just see the pattern on the pillow though the dirt and dust. He still laid there, the one thing I used to hold close to my heart; the one thing I could never off lived without. I picked him up and watched the dust fall to the ground. I stared into his eyes, which were once bright and shiny but now held no life. I looked around my room, remembering how bright it had once been, no dust, no faded spines, no peeling paint on my walls and wardrobe. This place had once been special to me, but no more.

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