Teen Age deppression with love o3o

A bit of fictional story. I had a classmate which i saw this problem at. You'll see...


1. The start of a new start

It was the first day after summer vacation. I returned from Thailand two weeks before the start of school. To be honest i had a great vacation. I got a lot of D-vitamin. The problem was (or so i think) that i lacked a lot of energy when i returned home. The reason might've been the lots of D-vitamin. Well there is nothing wrong with that, but in my country the D-vitamin is really lacking. So i think i got my depression because of that. Yeah a depression.
When you have a depression your life changes a lot. Your view of things, your way of speaking, your looks and the way you treat people. I was totally damaged. From the cheerful boy that i was in school, i went to being a loner; a total outsider, wanting no social activity at all. Of course a had friend. He was a good guy, but he had a tendency to ask too much about: ''Why were you not at school dit and dat day?''. And so on. So i felt a bit little pressured. Every time i had to come up with an excuse which was too obvious to see. Well i was used to it. 
At school i would always sleep. But it was not always like that. I honestly tried my best to avoid sleeping, but i just couldn't help it. So i began to sleep and my behavior was terrible. When people would talk to me, i would be too lifeless to answer properly. And so... people kept their distance from me. And so i began to do what i wanted to do. A little rebellion grew inside of me.
Days like these continued. And to people, that was normal. When i got home i would just watch anime because it was a world i wished for. It was something i was obsessed with.
The strange thing was, that i didn't tell anyone about it, about my problem. My mum wouldn't understand it. Either she would push me harder or just scold me. My teacher was... kinda hot. But anyway -- she noticed it too. Because she knew that i wasn't like that before. I was a bit more cheerful and my grades were above standard. One day she dragged me in for a conversation. The first 2-3 times i wasn't admitting my depression. But i got kinda tired of it and told her about it. She wasn't very shocked. (It is so, that in our country you pay high taxes, but you get a lot support from the state, like free medication, no taxes for hospitals and so on). She was trying to help me. So i told her about my depression. ''Are you sure you have a depression?'', she asked. ''I took some online tests, so I'm sure''. She thought a bit about it. ''My mother used to have the same problem, but with some help she got back on her feet''. ''Che... I don't need help'', i said with a little annoyed voice. She didn't say anything but smiled. 

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