Following My Heart(One Direction Fan Fiction)

Megha is a 17 year old girl. She just finished her High School life and shifted to London for her higher education.She is a big fan of One Direction but as 1D is so famous and so wanted, she never got a chance to talk with the lads.She is trying lots of things to meet 1D but seems like her fate is wondering somewhere else.
Luckily she got in a competition where the lads were judges.Will she make through it? Will a bathroom singer win the competition and also someone's heart.
To find out keep reading.
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1. Introduction

**buzzzzz buzzzzz** The alarm rang continuously and I was getting annoyed.I dragged myself out of the bed anyhow and stopped the alarm. I splashed water in my face and rushed to the kitchen to cook breakfast.Ben shouted,"you take forever to cook Meg.. cook fast"I got scared and started chopping the vegetables faster. "oucchh "I cried. I had cut my finger accidentally. I still didn't stop cooking and finally made pasta with mango shake.Ben had his breakfast and left home for job.Ben who was 23 was my flatmate. When Ben left I was relaxed and started surfing net.I downloaded lots of pictures of One Direction.As you x can guess im a big fan of One Direction but never got to meet them. I brought all their albums, went for concerts and even waited whole night long to watch them once but none of then worked.I lost all my hopes and finally started taking life more easy. After thinking all these I changed my clothes and left the house. I was going to the place I worked as it was Sunday and I had my duty times during Sunday and Saturday. Not an office or palace.It was just a bakery and I was the waitress. Well, I recently shifted to Paddington in London because of my higher education.I shared my flat with my childhood best friend Ben and that is it. When I was walking down the road I saw a van pass by.The van looked kind of similar but I couldn't think of anything then so I continued to walk. The van was black in colour and then I realized " shittttt.......this van is of 1D..I remember I saw this van during shooting of What makes You beautiful" Though I was not sure of it but later I confirmed from my friend it was the van of WMYB. ##Authors note The next chapter will be damn interesting.Keep on reading and thanks :*
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