As father as son.

This is a sequel to "She's not afraid." It's about Louis and Claire this time. As you know they got a kid named Dallas. But what happens when Claire wants a divorse, and she moves away from Louis and takes Dallas with her? Read to find out.


17. You got the girl.

Dallas' P.O.V

I brought up my cellphone and called Lucas as 'unknown caller'.

"Hello?" I heard a deep voice groan.

"Hey Lucas, It's Brooklyn, meet me at the graveyard and we'll have some fun." I whispered girly.

"Oh, you know how to make a guy horny hottie, I'll be there in 15 minutes." He said as I got shivers..

Ew, he just got horny of what I said. Ew. I hung up and brought up my bag, I placed my pocketknife, paintball gun, waterballoons, rope, duckt tape and a megaphone.

I ran downstairs with my bag and grabbed my pennyboard, then I left the house heading to Brooklyn. It was dark outside, which made things even better.

I knocked on Brooklyn's door and seconds later she opened.

"What's up Dallas?" She asked as I smirked.

"You want Lucas to leave you alone?" I chuckled as she nodded confused.

"Alright, here's the plan." I said as she stepped outside and closed the front door.


I hided behind a three not far away from Brooklyn, suddenly Lucas came into the graveyard, he walked over to Brooklyn and started to kiss her. She pushed him a little bit back.

"Take off your pants." She told him and he did.

"Blowjob?" He chuckled as she nodded.

He pulled down his panties too, Brooklyn took a step back and did our secret sign, I brought up my paintball gun and aimed at his ass, and then I pulled the trigger.

He shouted in agony as he fell down on the ground holding over his butt, it was all purple. I brought up the duckt tape and ran over to him, I placed it over his eyes so he couldn't see, then I took the rope and tied his arms and legs together.

"When I get you I'm going to kill you!" He shouted as I rolled my eyes, I brought up some more duckt tape placing it over his mouth.

"Can't listen to his bullshit." I told Brooklyn as she laughed.

I handed Brooklyn some waterballoons and we threw it at him.

"Ew, what's that smell?" Brooklyn asked as I chuckled.

"Oh, I filled them with whiskey." I spoke as she giggled.

When we finished the waterballoons I picked up the megaphone and put it on a different voice. I held it over my mouth and said, "Leave Brooklyn alone." My voice got deeper and much creepier.

"Let's go." Brooklyn whispered as I nodded.

"Go, I have to do something first." I told her as she walked out of the graveyard.

I placed the megaphone back over my mouth and brought up my pocketknife.

"If I ever see you and Brooklyn again, I won't hesitate on killing you." I said into the megaphone.

He tried to say something so I tore off the duckt tape that was over his mouth.

"I-I will l-leave h-her alone!" He stuttered as I pressed the knife deeper into his skin.

"Promise?" I said into the megaphone.

"Y-yes!" He stuttered as I laughed.

I packed my things and placed new duckt tape over his mouth. Grabbing my pennyboard I walked out of the graveyard and over to Brooklyn.

"Thank you so much Dallas!" She said hugging me tight.

"You're welcome." I said hugging her tighter.

She pulled her head back and placed her lips on mine. I kissed her back holding around her waist.

We stopped kissing and I said, "Let's go home."


Louis' P.O.V

I switched through the channels on the TV with Lauren sleeping on my chest. I decided to watch the news.

"16 year old Lucas Jackson was found on the graveyard, tied up, duckt tape over his face, no pants, paint on his butt and whiskey smell all over him. Some of the police officers says that he was drunk, and others says that someone else have done it to him. He won't tell us anything, the only things he says is if I tell you, he will kill me." The news reporter spoke.

Suddenly the frontdoor got opened and Dallas came inside with a bag. I turned off the TV calling at Dallas. He walked over to me and sat down on a chair in front of us.

"Let me have a look in that bag." I commanded as he sighed handing me the bag.

I opened it finding paintball gun and duckt tape.

"You know, that Lucas guy was just on TV." I said as he gulped.

"Will he leave Brooklyn alone?" I asked as he slowly nodded.

"Good boy." I smirked as he furrowed his eyebrows at me.

"W-what?" He got a little smile on his face.

"You got the girl." I winked at him as he laughed.


This fanfic is over guys. Dallas got the girl, Louis found a new, Anna and Zayn is the same. Thanks for reading!

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