As father as son.

This is a sequel to "She's not afraid." It's about Louis and Claire this time. As you know they got a kid named Dallas. But what happens when Claire wants a divorse, and she moves away from Louis and takes Dallas with her? Read to find out.


9. The guests.

Dallas' P.O.V

I woke up by my alarmclock buzzing.Turning it off I jumped out of bed and got dressed, I walked downstairs and into the kitchen where Louis were.

"Why are you always up so early?" I asked as he chuckled.

"I'm a morning person." He replied putting some bread in the toaster.

I sat down on the kitchentable  as Louis turned to face me.

"So, this Brooklyn girl, kissed your cheek huh?" Louis smirked as I nodded.

"And you're not scared that her boyfriend will find out?" He asked as I shook my head 'no'.

"He won't. Only Brook and I know what happened." I spoke as Louis turned around to finish making the toast.

"I know too." Louis chuckled as I walked over to him.

"But you have no friends here." I laughed as he messed with my hair.

"Actually, I met a lady yesterday. Lauren." Louis spoke.

"Ohhh, you don't like her right?" I asked as he shook his head 'no'.

"Noo, she's just a friend." Louis chuckled, "And tonight we get a visit from Claire's bestfriend's family. They have a kid so you don't have to hang with us adults."

"Whatever." I said and grabbed the toast walking into the bathroom.

I ate it finish and looked at myself in the mirror, I brushed my hair and put on some perfume before I put my snapback on and went out to the hall. I grabbed my bag and pennyboard. Then I opened the frontdoor and left the house.


"Dude, I'm telling you, the party is going to be sick!" Mason spoke while we skated along the hall.

"I don't know man, don't really feel like sneaking out again." I replied as he groaned.

"Bro, just say that you're sleeping over at my place." Mason said as I nodded, "Fine I'll come, when is it?"

"Tomorrow night, it start at 00:00." He told me right before I noticed Brooklyn by her locker.

"I'll see you in class man." I told Mason before giving him a brofist and skated over to Brooklyn.

"Hey." I smiled as she closed her locker.

"Hii." She smiled back.

"Thanks for the necklace." She smiled as I saw that she was wearing it.

"No problem, hey Brook, can I ask you something?" I asked as she nodded, "Sure."

I rubbed my neck as I started to say, "You want to hang o..." Before I continued I got interrupted my someone bumping into my shoulder.

"Hey babydoll." I heard Lucas' voice say as he walked past me and placed a kiss on her mouth.

"Hey." She sighed as he grabbed her hand and layed his eyes on me.

"Who's this dork?" He chuckled as she rolled her eyes.

"Dallas." I said reaching out my hand before he gave me an ugly look.

I pulled my hand back, "Whatever." He cocked as I saw him grab her on her ass.

"Babe, come to the party tomorrow, alright? Bye." He said to her leaving one more kiss before he left.

"I don't understand why you're with him." I said as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Every popular girl, has to have a boyfriend. But he's a real dick, he won't even buy me a stupid little gift on my birthday which is in two days." She sighed as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"How do you know?" I asked as she bit her lips, "He told me I wasn't worth it." 

I placed my hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes, "Believe me, you're worth it Brooklyn." I smiled as I stepped on my skateboard and started to skate to my classroom.


I skated home after school, walking up to the front door I opened it as I stepped inside. Zayn walked over to me as I placed my board in the corner, "Get dressed into something nice, guests is coming over." He told me as I sighed.

I ran up to my bedroom ad opened my drawers, who is this kid anyway? 

I picked up some black jeans and a blue silk shirt, I put on my clothes before walking to the bathroom, I grabbed some gel and put my hair up in a quiff.

"Looking good." I chuckled to myself in the mirror.

Then I put on some extra perfume before walking up to my room again. I picked up my guitar and played a little to make the time go faster. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

I peeked out of my bedroom looking down the stairs, I saw Louis opening the door while Anna and Zayn was behind him, a man and a woman walked in and they all greeted. Suddenly their child walked in and my eyes widened as my heart started to beat faster.

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